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    PD405 Series Digital Portable Radio

    SKU: PD405

    The Hytera PD405 and PD415 are both available in VHF and UHF bands. Lightweight and rugged, weighing only 260g with standard battery the PD4XX is a professional radio with some clever features including an embedded RFID reader.

    The new PD485 adds even more functionality with a full keypad and 1.3 inch OLED display. Also available with built in Bluetooth and GPS for location services [option]

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    PD715Ex Series ATEX Intrinsically Safe Portable Radio

    SKU: PD715Ex Series

    These are the only ATEX DMR portable radios from Hytera. They offer rugged economic design and are stacked with features to make hazardous area communications simple and safe. The PD715Ex and PD795Ex complies with ATEX, IECEX and FM standards and is dust and waterproof. Its unique patented battery lock improves safety further and it retains all of the functionality of the PD700 DMR radios from Hytera.

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    PD715IS Series ATEX Intrinsically Safe Portable Radio

    SKU: PD715IS

    The new PD715IS and PD795IS intrinsically safe radios from Hytera are designed for use in the most extreme hazardous environments. Use them safely in locations containing long standing mixed gases, including coal mine methane. These radios provide the highest levels of intrinsic safety. Electrical circuits benefit from 3 protection measures. They can be used in zones 0/1/2 where the radio has 2 faults during operation.

    The design of the radio includes a unique innovative silicone encapsulated technology to ensure maximum protection of electrical circuits and components within the radio.

    There are 2 models to choose from, one with a large 1.8inch, 65536 colour display and full keypad.