Two Way Base Stations

If you require greater coverage for your radio system then a base station will help. There are several different versions from desktop radios to wall or rack mounted base stations and repeaters. You will also require a repeater if need to access features such as fire alarm, intruder alarm, telephone connect and building management system [BMS] integration.

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    eVerge EVX-R70 Digital Base Station

    SKU: EVX-R70

    eVerge EVX-R70 base stations from Vertex are available in either UHF or VHF and will operate in analogue or digital mixed mode. Low and high power versions are available depending on requirements.

    The eVerge EVX-R70 is compatible with most other DMR radios from all manufacturers ensuring you can build your radio system at the most competitive prices.

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    HR1065 DMR Base Station

    SKU: HR1065 Series

    Only 1U high, the Hytera HR1065 rack mount base station/repeater is available in both UHF and VHF frequency bands. Also, both are available with configurable transmit power levels to conserve supply power.

    Designed to connect easily to SIP telephone systems and via IP connection to remote despatcher systems. When used with two or more HM785 mobile radios you can link multiple HR1065 base stations together. This permits multiple sites to be connected together and allowing radio users on each site to communicate with each other.

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    HR655 Portable DMR Repeater

    SKU: HR655
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    IC-F5022M Marine Base Station

    SKU: IC-F5022M

    The IC-F5022M Marine Base Station is perfect for any organisation that wishes to communicate with vessels from the shore. Its applications are varied and can be used for marshalling races and coordinating marina and harbour traffic to name but a few. A useful backup for any offshore emergencies.

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    IC-FR5300/FR6300 Analog/Digital Repeater

    SKU: IC-FR5300/6300
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    NXR-1700E/1800E DMR/NEXEDGE Repeater

    SKU: NXR-1700E/1800E Series
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    NXR-5700E/NXR-5800E VHF/UHF Digital & FM Repeater Base Station

    SKU: NXR-5700E Series

    Much faster and with a greater capacity than earlier models, the Kenwood NXR-5700E and NXR-5800E wideband VHF/UHF base stations are a major step forward in performance and capability.

    They support both analogue and digital conventional systems right through to the most sophisticated NEXEDGE Generation2 [Gen 2] multi site digital trunked networks.

    For a full list of their capabilities download the datasheet below.

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    NXR-700 Series Base Station

    SKU: NXR-700 Series

    The NXR-700 series digital base stations boast NEXEDGE technology which extends the life of current radio system assets and meets the needs of private enterprises. The major benefit of the digital technology is that it allows companies to gradually migrate their communications system as it is compatible with analogue radios.

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    SDB670 DMR Base Station/Repeater

    SKU: SDB670 Series

    Supporting instant push-to-talk voice communications and VoIP telephone connectivity as well as open-standards applications support, the Simoco Xd digital base station is more than just a radio repeater. Each SDB670 forms the bridge between groups of radios and extends this to the world of IP.

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    SDB680 DMR Base Station/Repeater

    SKU: SDB680

    Designed for use either as a single site solution with RF elements and control all in a single 2U box to large multi site networks.

    Its all IP architecture is specifically designed for business critical applications. Furthermore the SDB600 offers exceptional resilience. It does this by distributing the control function throughout the network. An additional benefit is a reduced spares holding.

    The SDB670/680 are remotely configurable making in the field changes simple and quick. Also, a standard IP interface enables a wide range of applications to be deployed across a network.

    Other useful features include integrated telephony via a direct SIP/VOiP connection and auto switching between Tier II DMR and analogue modes.

    Simoco Xtend enables Tier II conventional radio sites to be connected together via an IP backbone. Up to 15 sites can be connected in this way.

    Rack or wall mount, built in health alarms, AES256 bit encryption and 100% duty cycle at maximum Tx power are also standard features of the SDB600 series base stations.

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    SLR1000 Compact UHF Base Station/Repeater

    SKU: SLR1000

    Very small and compact the Motorola SLR2400 is still a powerful base station/repeater. Perfect for use in applications such as temporary networks for special events or for extending radio coverage to an existing network. The SLR1000 is designed for use either indoors or outdoors. It has a fully weatherproof enclosure with weatherproof connectors including Ethernet, DC power and RJ45.

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    SLR5500 High Power Repeater

    SKU: SLR5500

    The SLR5500 is the latest base station repeater from Motorola. Designed with small and large systems in mind the SLR5500 has huge built in expansion capability.

    The Motorola SLR5500 operates in multiple modes including: DMR conventional, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, mixed mode digital/analogue conventional and MPT1327.

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    SLR8000 Series High Tier Base Station

    SKU: SLR8000

    The Motorola SLR8000 is the latest multi mode base station from Motorola. With a100W maximum transmit power and extra sensitive receiver the SLR8000 supports the full range of Mototrbo systems including conventional analogue, MPT1327 and all digital modes up to Capacity Max.

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    SRM9000 Series Base Station

    SKU: SRM9000B Series

    The SRM9000 has been transformed into a base station with the addition of a TSX2000 PSU, providing users with a reliable and customisable communications solution which can increase your coverage.

    Note: Images on all variants shows SRM9030 for illustration purposes only

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    SRM9000 Series Desktop Base Set


    MA-DESKBASE-SDM Desktop Base Set (Order SDM610, SDM922 and SDM630 separately)

    Converts the Simoco SDM610, SDM622 and SDM630 into a mains powered desktop base station.

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    SRP Repeater Series


    Designed to enhance coverage of a two-way radio system, the cost effective SRP repeater series uses a combination of ICOM IC-F5012/F6012 entry level mobile radios and can be used as a VHF to VHF (SRP-V11), UHF to UHF (SRP-U11), or cross band repeater (SRP-X11).

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    TB7300 Series Analogue/Digital Slimline Base Station

    SKU: TB7310-B3B0-0000-0000-10

    Tait’s replacement product for the TB7100 series, the TB7300 series brings digital functionality to the same class leading slimline design. At only 1U high the TB7300 takes up the minimum amount of space, whether wall or rack mounted. Available in both VHF [136-174MHz] and UHF [400-470MHz] frequency bands and adjustable transmit power levels up to 50W. The base station can be ordered in either analogue or analogue/digital versions and with differing levels of sophistication depending upon your specific requirements. A convenient upgrade path allows you to add extra functionality by the use of a simple software licence [SFE Key].

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    TKR-751 Series Base Station Repeater

    SKU: TKR-751 Series

    The TKR-751 series hosts a range of high performance features, suitable for business use. Using a repeater allows users to increase the range of mobile and portable radio coverage. With a battery backup system, the repeater automatically switches to a 12v battery* if the AC power supply ever fails. Constructed of die-cast aluminium, the chassis has an integrated heat sink which provides users with a durable and reduced weight communications solution.

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    TRP Transportable Repeater


    The ICOM TRP Series base station is a rack mount base station that can be operated as a repeater, either with 2 antenna working or with the addition of an external duplexor. Available in both VHF [136-174MHz] and UHF [403-470MHz] frequency bands, and in either 25W or 50W power outputs.

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    TSF Lite Series Base Station

    SKU: TSF Lite Series

    The TSF Lite series boasts a range of cost effective, slimline and high performance base stations, featuring technology used in the popular SRM9000 series; providing an ideal communications solution where landline control is not needed.

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    Xfin Base Series Base Station

    SKU: Xfin Base Series

    The Xfin Base series showcases a completely new concept in conventional base station technology; combining the same IP principles that creates the centre of the XFin Blade series trunked solution that’s software and IP controlled.