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Your radio system can be managed remotely with the use of a remote base station controller. We offer the Zetron range of controllers for many applications including TETRA, SmarTrunk from Vertex Standard and the AWCL range of simple low cost base station controllers.

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    E-PoC PC Dispatcher Software

    SKU: E-PoC Dispatcher

    To enhance the E-PoC radio capabilities Entel have released a brand new PC dispatcher software package that offers a host of useful features to improve office to mobile communications. Two versions are available providing instant voice calls [individual, group and broadcast calls], local audio recording and a mapping feature so you can easily locate and track your mobile staff. The dispatcher solution is ideal for organizations that have lone workers travelling across a region or nationally. The integrated alarms in the DN495 PoC radios will instantly notify the dispatcher of their alarm status and location.

    The Advanced Dispatcher version adds additional mapping features such as geofencing and zone management.

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    ICOM IC-M605E Remote Head Unit

    SKU: RCM600.011

    ICOM IC-M605E Remote Head Unit. The RCM600 remote head unit is supplied with 10m cable, speaker microphone, DC power cable and mounting bracket kit.

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    Motorola DM4600/DM4601 Handheld Control Mic

    SKU: PMLN7131

    Suitable for DM4600 and DM4601 mobile radios. Offers the user ability to control the radio remotely.

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    RadiAll Control Room Radio Interface

    SKU: CT-HF03-GM360

    These rugged desktop control room interfaces require no external power source and are available for a wide range of base station radios. Allows the user to connect and control a number of functions remote from the radio control head. These include receive audio, PTT and transmit audio.

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    RadiAll Micro Dispatcher Control Unit

    SKU: CT-MD01

    The RadiAll Micro Dispatcher connects to either a handheld radio or a mobile radio and allows up to 3 operators to control the radio via their own PTT. One operator uses the PTT on the desk unit itself and the others via the accessory connectors. By adding the data recorder all radio calls can be recorded.

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    Simoco SRM9030 Control Head Kit

    SKU: MA-9030PLCH

    Includes cable, bracket, standard mic and clip.

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    Simoco Xd DMR Dispatcher License

    SKU: SA-600DISPT2

    SA-600DISPT2 Xd DMR Dispatcher License

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    Simoco Xfin IP Soft Dispatcher

    SKU: Xfin Dispatcher

    The Xfin Dispatcher showcases IP connectivity, allowing software controlled Dispatcher functionality from a LAN connected PC; providing a software package that is feature rich, with intuitive GUI, aiding in rapid call handling.

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    Universal Base Station Interface Unit

    SKU: TC-1

    The TC1 is a stand alone control unit placed between either a DRC-1 , 1s, or DS32 communication port and a remote base station radio set, normally fitted adjacent to the base radio set.The TC1 receives and responds to key tone plus FSK supervisory messages.

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    Vertex Standard ST-853 SmarTrunk Controller

    SKU: ST-853

    The Smartrunk II Digital Trunking System is designed to provide sophisticated trunking and telephone interconnect features using low cost two-way radio equipment at frequencies below 800 MHz. The proprietary Smartrunk II trunking protocol provides automatic channel selection when a call is made by a radio user.

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    Zetron Model 250 Tone Remote Adapter

    SKU: 901-9588

    Zetron Model 250 adapts to most EIA-standard base station radios so they can be controlled by a desktop remote. Multiple channel selection for up to fifteen frequencies, up to six control outputs, and monitor and transmit (PTT) make the Model 250 a useful addition to your radio system.

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    Zetron Model 280 Parallel Tone Remote Controller

    SKU: 901-9479

    The Model 280 is an eight-frequency tone remote for use with popular brands of EIA-compatible base stations and repeaters. A built-in paging encoder supports 2-tone, 5-tone, pulsed tone, DTMF, alert tones, stack paging, and scroll-through page-by-name database.

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    Zetron Model 284 Multi-Line Tone Remote Controller

    SKU: 901-9498

    The Model 284 is a four-line, eight-frequency tone remote for use with popular brands of EIA-compatible base stations and repeaters. The Model 284 has four LINE keys to allow an operator to select between up to four base stations.

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    Zetron Model 390 TETRA Remote Controller

    SKU: 901-9564A

    The Model 390 is a versatile desktop controller designed to work with the Motorola MTM300 / MTM700/MTM800 TETRA radio. This controller is suitable for use in public or private systems. The radio can be placed up to 600 meters away from the controller and up to 15 controllers can connect to one base station.