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If your requirement is for paging, we can provide the Zetron range of paging encoders as well as a range of portable radio pagers including tone, display and vibrate models.

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    BrabourneCallPoint Alerting System

    SKU: BCP01

    Keep your staff and site visitors safe with BrabourneCallPoint. Designed to provide on site call points for employees and site visitors to summon assistance quickly and effectively.

    A high visibility spring press switch is activated with a quick push sending the call point location to security control, reception or other radio users.

    BrabourneCallPoint can be used to summon first aid and with BrabourneCallPoint+ a two way conversation can provide details of the assistance required. It can also be used by site visitors and contractors to request gates or barriers opened or closed. Suitable for use indoors or outdoors BrabourneCallPoint is easy to install and will integrate with your existing radio or pager system.

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    Connexions Advanced Paging Transmitter

    SKU: CX6 Transmitter

    A complete paging solution starts with the Scope Connexions advanced paging transmitter. The Connexions system features two paging encoder/transmitters, each with 8 dry contact inputs and up to three serial ports. These can be configured to support a range of paging protocols including Scope, ESPA444, Comp 1, Comp 2 and TAP. For even grater sophistication an optional Ethernet port is available as well as a telephone interconnect module.

    Combined with a range of advanced Scope pagers or pendant and telemetry systems Connexions is ideal for use in offices, hotels, nursing homes, schools and colleges. Connexions can also be integrated with third party systems such as fire and intruder alarms including Galaxy; Advanced MX; Morley ZX, Gent Vigilon; Notifier ID & Pearl; Kentec Synchro; Zeta Quatro; Ziton ZP2 & 3; Chubb; Ackerman/Blick and many more.

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    GEO28V Alphanumeric Pager

    SKU: GEO28

    The Scope GEO28V2M range of alphanumeric pagers offer an easy to read 2 line/4 line display with icon driven menu options. The two operating modes include either a 20 character display over 4 lines or a 12 character over two line display which increases the font size for easier viewing. Up to 60 messages can be stored with up to 24000 characters. The GEO28V2M pager is supplied with bungee, holster, battery and USB charger. The GEO28V2M is equipped with a vibrate facility where silent alerting is required.

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    GEO40A9 40 Character Alphanumeric Pager

    SKU: GEO40

    Simple to operate and fully featured the Scope GEO40A9 pagers are designed for the professional user. The GEO40A9 pagers are fully frequency programmable, either manually or via the programming interface and your PC. Thus the GEO40A9 alphanumeric pager can be tailored to your specific needs. The large 40 character display is easy to read and comes equipped with a selectable backlight and real time clock with alarm clock function for extra convenience. In addition the GEO40A9 pagers are fully compliant to BS5839-1:2013 for fire alarm alerting to people hard of hearing.

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    GEO85ZM 4 Line/8 Line Text Pager

    SKU: GEO85

    The GEO85ZM text pager replaces the GEO84Z and it brings with it some additional features. Now available with a rechargeable AA battery, an even louder audible alert and an intelligent charging system using the charger/docking station. An optional charger/night stand with multiple alert outputs and USB charger are also available. The nightstand provides on screen charge status and diagnostics, Pillow output / Relay output (N/O, N/C), an external antenna with gain amplifier, a USB port for programming and data output/call logging and an auto address inhibit feature when the pager is placed in the docking station. Over the air address programming makes the GEO85ZM a very flexible solution for organizations requiring mission critical messaging across small and large sites.

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    Pagetek 4 Series Programmable Paging Transmitter

    SKU: PT4

    Scope Pagetek 4 paging transmitters are ideal for site wide paging systems for applications including security, fire alerting and general purpose messaging. There are 2 versions, one with 5 zone capacity and the other with 10 zone capacity. Either model can be configured for voltage or volt free operation. Programming allows the Pagetek 4 to send both data or text messages direct to the Scope pagers. Messages can be created in free form and different messages per zone are supported for each state, either active or passive. Other useful features include adjustable trigger delay times, repeats and interactive states between inputs. Programming is simple and easy via USB connection to a PC. For use with a range of Scope pagers.

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    Wave-Track Hospitality & Retail Transmitter

    SKU: WT4

    Ideal for use in restaurants and other hospitality locations, the Wave-Track is a wall mounted device with 4 individual call buttons that can be used to easily and quickly summon a waiter with a silent vibration alert. Used in conjunction with the Scope range of pagers Wave-Track can be used in small cafes, hotels and retail outlets and improves productivity as well as ensuring your customers receive a prompt level of service.

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    Wave-Track Panic Button Transmitter

    SKU: PB

    The Wave-Track panic button transmitter can be located covertly, under a table or desk. hen activated it transmits a repeating alarm signal until it is manually reset. This is normally achieved with a key. The button pulses periodically to show that it has been triggered. Multiple units can be located around a site, each with a unique identifier to receiving devices. Compatible with the Scope range of pagers, received alarms can be either tone or vibrate. The location of the panic button will be displayed on the pager. Powered by a PP3 battery the Wave-Track panic button transmitter has a range of up to 200 metres.