Hytera Portable Digital Radios for business and industry from Hytera Advanced handheld two way radios Motorola Mobile Two Motorola digital mobile radios Way Radio Stay in contact whilst on the move with Tait Professional improve employee safety for business owners Digital Radio Solutions Digital radio systems increase productivity and Entel DN495 LTE Radio Entel DN495 LTE Radios Providing business critical communications

Two way radios are a vital business tool

Two way radios can help to increase productivity and improve health and safety in a business setting. We offer both analogue and digital radios from all the major manufacturers. A wide range of portables, mobiles and base stations are available to allow you to build a complete system.

In addition we offer a range of supplementary products including despatchers, mobile data solutions, telephone interconnect equipment and location systems for tracking personnel and vehicles

Health and Education

Radio solutions for schools, colleges, universities and hospitals

Construction & Agriculture

Radio solutions for construction sites, farms & country estates

Military & Security

Radio solutions for military, border control & security providers

Process Industries

Radio solutions for oil, gas, chemical & mining industries

Retail & Distribution

Radio solutions for retail, shop security and distributors


Radio solutions for engineering & manufacturing businesses

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