Two Way Radios For Health & Safety Solutions

Brabourne Communications have developed a range of unique solutions to improve safety at work. These include BrabourneProtect, an advanced lone worker alerting system which provides full off site lone worker protection. Many of our radio products can be configured with lone worker, man down and other emergency features. Also available are personnel tracking solutions and our recently launched fire/intruder alarm integration system – BrabourneAlert

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    BrabourneAlert Alarm Panel Integration System


    BrabourneAlert combines your on site radio communications system with your existing buildings fire alarm or intruder alarm system. Ideal for schools, hospitals, factories and offices, in fact any large site where those responsible for managing alarm activations need to be in control at critical times.

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    BrabourneCallPoint Alerting System

    SKU: BCP01

    Keep your staff and site visitors safe with BrabourneCallPoint. Designed to provide on site call points for employees and site visitors to summon assistance quickly and effectively.

    A high visibility spring press switch is activated with a quick push sending the call point location to security control, reception or other radio users.

    BrabourneCallPoint can be used to summon first aid and with BrabourneCallPoint+ a two way conversation can provide details of the assistance required. It can also be used by site visitors and contractors to request gates or barriers opened or closed. Suitable for use indoors or outdoors BrabourneCallPoint is easy to install and will integrate with your existing radio or pager system.

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    BrabourneControl BMS Integration System


    BrabourneControl is a powerful tool that integrates your BMS with your on site radio system, providing a single device from which to monitor and control your HVAC, lighting systems, access points, water, energy and other building plant and equipment. You can even use BrabourneControl to control production equipment remotely.

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    BrabourneProtect Lone Working System


    A simple yet proven solution for protecting staff at work, BrabourneProtect works by sending lone worker and man down alarms off site to other two way radios or telephones. This ensures that managers can remain informed about the status of their lone workers without being within range of the site radio system.

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    I-Track Portable Personnel Management System

    SKU: ITRACK.001

    The I-Track Portable personnel management tracking system is designed to work on an Icom Handheld fleet or together with the I-Track Vehicle Management Tracking system. I-Track Portable is aimed at organisations with operatives at street level such as security officers.