Two Way Radios For Country Pursuits

With the introduction of PMR446, or licence free radios, the benefits of instant two-way communication can be enjoyed by private individuals, at very low cost. In this section you will find radios designed for use in all weathers and all activities, and most have a wide range of accessories to choose from. If you are rambling, caravanning, paint balling, shooting or enjoying any of the wide variety of outdoor activities there’s a communications solution for you. Have a browse through our range and contact us if you need any more advice.

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    Boating Pack

    SKU: BLMP05

    The Boating Pack has been created for those boat users who need on board mobile communications as well as boat to shore for inland boat users. The pack includes waterproof radios which when combined with the Aquapac Large VHF Classic waterproof bags makes the radios buoyant so even if you drop one overboard it will still float*

    Whether you are cruising along a canal or kayaking the Midland G15 licence free radios will allow you to stay in touch with others on the water – ideal when travelling in groups of boats.

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    G10 Mossy Oak Licence Free Portable Radio

    SKU: G10

    The unusual colour scheme of the Midland G10 Mossy Oak makes this radio the ideal choice for hunters, shooters and paintball players. Its mimetic finish ensures it blends into the background. Available with a range of audio accessories and supplied with a high capacity 1200mAh lithium-ion battery pack the G10 Mossy Oak is the perfect choice for keeping in touch with your friends outdoors.

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    G15 Waterproof Licence Free Portable Radio

    SKU: G15

    The Midland G15 is a compact and rugged licence free radio which meets the stringent IP67 standard for waterproofing. It is submersible to 1 metre for up to 30 minutes. Simple to operate and equipped with useful features such as channel selection voice announcements the G15 is perfect for marine use for either the consumer or business user. Weighing in at only 192g the G15 will easily fit into a pocket and is available with a selection of useful accessories.

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    G7 Portable Licence Free Radio Twin Pack With LCD Display

    SKU: G7

    The G7 licence free twin pack is an ideal solution for business professionals and consumers alike. The most popular Midland PMR446 licence free radio, the G7 is a very robust and reliable radio. It packs a host of useful features and a wide range of accessories are available including motorcycle kits, headsets, earpieces and remote speaker microphones.

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    HT700 Series Submersible Portable Radio

    SKU: HT700 Series

    The HT700 series boasts a model for all applications, providing simple to sophisticated communication systems, built without compromise in order to provide crisp and loud audio, implementing the most recent compander noise reduction technology.


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    Lifeguard Pack

    SKU: BLLGP09

    We have created this package specifically for lifeguards. Instant and clear communications is vital in order to ensure swimmers are kept safe whatever the circumstances. The pack includes 4 Motorola TLKR T92 H20 submersible licence free radios along with all required accessories. Everything is safely stored in a useful and tough transit case. Save over £70.00 plus VAT when you purchase the Lifeguard Pack.

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    Paintball Pack

    SKU: BLPP06

    The Paintball Pack has been especially created to suit the particular requirements of soft air/paint ball players. First of all the Midland G10 radios are finished in a mimetic design that makes them blend into the users jacket. We have selected a pair of surveillance acoustic tube style earpieces with inline PTT’s which are discreet and ensure that no voice messages are heard by the opposition.

    With the 8 PMR446 channels, 8 pre set channels 51 CTCSS tones and 83 DCS codes there is very little chance of any interference from other users. The multiple security codes also protect your channel from being monitored by the opposition and the channel scan facility will let you make use of multiple channels to ensure even greater channel integrity.

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    Riding School Pack

    SKU: BLRSP04

    The Riding School Pack is designed to make instructing riding pupils simple and easy. Use the Riding School Pack when training young riders, for dressage training and even when out riding trails allowing riders to keep in touch with each other – even up to 5 miles apart. Buying the Riding School Pack also saves £18.00 plus VAT from the RRP of the the individual items.

    Lightweight and compact these Midland G7 licence free radios slip into a pocket and can even be operated with hands free transmit

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    TC-610 Series Portable Radio

    SKU: TC-610 Series

    The superior dust and water protection [IP66] and its brightly coloured orange housing make the HYT TC-610 ideal for use on construction sites, ports and other outdoor applications. Special attention has been placed on the mechanical design including the proprietary battery latch mechanism, ensuring a perfect seal between battery and radio.

    A comprehensive range of accessories enhances the user experience and improves business performance.

    Standard package includes radio body, battery, antenna, belt clip and battery charger with plug pack.

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    TLKR 92 H2O Waterproof Licence Free Portable Radio

    SKU: TLKR92 H2O

    These bright yellow licence free radios are unique. They float, face up and on contact with water the built in red and white LED torch lights up! Perfect for the most challenging outdoor activities as well as for professional users such as lifeguards, the Motorola TLKR 92 H2O are compact and rugged and are supplied with a tough transit case to store them in. The included belt clips also have a built in whistle to call for help in the event of an emergency.

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    XT185 Licence Free Radio

    SKU: XT185

    XT185 licence free radio. The new Motorola XT185 licence free radio is supplied as a twin pack. These new PMR446 radios provide cost effective communications to a wide variety of users.

    Instant and crystal clear communications is the hallmark of the Motorola XT185.

    Developed for business and consumer users, the XT185 is equally at home in the warehouse, factory or retail outlet.

    Its long battery life, compact size and light weight makes the XT185 the ideal choice for businesses and consumers.