Marine And Air Band Radio

Marine and air band radios are available for consumer and professional users. Our range of marine band radios are available from the industry leader ICOM including GMDSS compliant models. Choose from portables and fixed radios .Air band radio from ICOM includes portables, vehicle mounted radios and base stations.

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    DT8/9FF Series Fire Fighter Radio

    SKU: DT8/9FF Series
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    DX482/485 UHF 2W Marine Band Compact Portable Radio

    SKU: DX482M

    One of the most compact and lightweight digital marine radios available, the Entel DX4 series is available in the UHF band. With two versions to choose from including one with a new white on black high contrast OLED display these are ideal marine radios for use on board ship.

    A unique end user programming application also allows end users much easier configuration of their own radio equipment than has traditionally been the case. The Entel DX 4 series are the toughest yet from this British radio designer. Fully meeting the stringent MIL STDS 810 G environmental approvals the DX4 series are also IP68 approved making them fully submersible in up to 2 metres of water for up to 4 hours. All Entel DX4 series radios carry a 24 month warranty and are now available with extended warranty options that includes cover for accidental damage.

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    FTA-250L Ultra Compact Airband Portable Radio

    SKU: FTA-250L

    The entry level FTA-250L ultra compact air band portable radio from Yaesu measures only 52x105x30mm making it very easy to carry and operate. Although the FTA-250L is an entry level air band radio it is still packed with useful features including NOAA weather channel receive and weather alert. Built to the rugged MIL STDS 810F the FTA-250L is the perfect air band radio for the aviation enthusiast.

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    HT600 Series Submersible Portable Marine Band

    SKU: HT600 Series

    The Entel HT600 series is a submersible (IP68) marine band radio available in different styles and with a comprehensive range of features to suit individual requirements. Built to MIL STDS for protection against dust, vibration and shock this tough radio is built to last. Crisp, clear audio is provided by the latest compander noise reduction technology.


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    HT900 Series I.S Submersible Portable Marine Band Radio

    SKU: HT900 Marine Series

    The Entel HT900 marine band series is a range of radios designed to be intrinsically safe (ATEX approved), submersible & dependable. Also available with GMDSS for use on ships with hazardous cargo. With it’s intelligent battery which monitors the number of charge cycles the Entel HT900 Series of intrinsically safe marine radios are the ideal on ship communications portables.


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    IC-A120E Ground Support Airband Vehicle Radio

    SKU: IC-A120E

    The latest airband radio from ICOM – the IC-A120E is a fully featured airband radio suitable for ground support operations. It is packed with the latest technology including a Bluetooth headset connectivity option.

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    IC-A16E Airband VHF Portable Radio

    SKU: IC-A16E

    Specially designed for those ground support staff operating at airports and airfields, the IC-A16E replaces the popular IC-A6E airband transceiver.

    The IC-A16E improves on the IC-A6E and includes useful features such as 8.33kHz and 25kHz channel spacing, 1500mw loudspeaker audio output for clearer communications in noisy areas, compatibility with third party headsets and built in Bluetooth for hands free operation.

    Furthermore it comes with a heavy duty 2400mAh li-ion battery pack offering upto 17 hours use between charges.

    Compact, rugged ant waterproof to IP67 the IC-A16E is a class leading airband trancseiver.

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    IC-A210 Ground to Air Panel Mount Transceiver

    SKU: IC-A210

    This ground to air transceiver has the capability to work on both 8.33 kHz and 25 kHz channel spacing frequencies. It features a modern OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display offering many advantages in brightness, vividness, high contrast, wide viewing angle and response time compared to a conventional display. In addition, the auto dimmer function adjusts the display for optimum brightness either during the day or night.

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    IC-A220T Air Band Panel Mount Radio

    SKU: IC-A220T

    The latest panel mount air band radio from ICOM, the IC-A220T boasts some great features. It is TSO and ETSO approved and it is backward compatible with the panel slot used by the IC-A200 series radios.

    It has a high visibility OLED display with a white key backlight and it is designed to operate at 8.33Khz channel spacing.

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    IC-A25CE/NE Airband Portable Radio

    SKU: IC-A25 Series

    Two versions of this advanced airband transceiver are available – the IC-A25CE and the even more advanced IC-A25NE. They both offer comprehensive communications capabilities but the IC-A25NE also adds navigation capability with built in GPS.

    A large 2.3 in high visibility LCD display makes using the IC-A25 very easy, even in poor light conditions. With an easy to use interface, 1.8/6 watt selectable rf power and an intelligent battery, the IC-A25 is the perfect airband portable radio for the professional user.

    Two versions of each model are available. A Sport pack that includes an AA battery case, cigarette lighter adapter cable, belt clip, antenna and handstrap. A Pro pack which comes with a li-ion battery pack, headset adapter cable and rapid desktop battery charger.

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    IC-F5022M Marine Base Station

    SKU: IC-F5022M

    The IC-F5022M Marine Base Station is perfect for any organisation that wishes to communicate with vessels from the shore. Its applications are varied and can be used for marshalling races and coordinating marina and harbour traffic to name but a few. A useful backup for any offshore emergencies.

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    IC-GM1600E VHF Portable GMDSS Survival Craft Radio

    SKU: IC-GM1600E

    The IC-GM1600E is engineered to function and survive the toughest of conditions within a marine environment. The radio can withstand shock, temperature, vibration and drop hazards. It also boasts Search and Rescue technology to aid in marine emergencies. The radio also meets ‘wheel mark’ MED certification and features the most advanced level of GMDSS technology, meaning safety is paramount at all times.

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    IC-GM600 GMDSS VHF Marine Radio

    SKU: IC-GM600
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    IC-GM800 GMDSS HF Radio

    SKU: IC-GM800
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    IC-M25 Buoyant VHF Portable Radio

    SKU: IC-M25

    The latest portable marine radio from ICOM, the IC-M25 is slim, lightweight and easy to use. Our lowest priced ICOM marine radio is available in metallic grey or marine blue.

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    IC-M330GE VHF/DSC Fixed Marine Transceiver

    SKU: IC-M330GE

    A very compact fixed marine transceiver measuring only 156 x 66 x 110mm, the IC-M330GE is some 35% smaller than the IC-M323G that it replaces. It still manages to feature a very large full dot matrix display.

    It also features an improved loudspeaker design that offers improved audio quality and AquaQuake technology that prevents audio degradation with a water-logged loudspeaker.

    With a class leading receiver performance of more than 70dB, built in GPS receiver and IP67 waterproofing protection the IC-M330GE is the ideal marine radio for either the professional or amateur boat owner.

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    IC-M37E Buoyant Marine Radio

    SKU: IC-M37E

    The ICOM IC-M37E is designed to float when dropped overboard. This model replaces the ICOM IC-M35E. It comes with a massive 6 Watts of transmit power for extended range.

    A simple design that is easy to hold and operate. The large display makes it easy to use even in poor light conditions. Its ergonomic design includes large tactile keys that makes it simple to operate even when wearing gloves.

    Another useful feature is the channel history function. This stores the last 5 channels used, making channel recall much quicker.

    The built in buoyancy includes a flashing red LED for ease of location in bad weather or at night.

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    IC-M400BB Black Box VHF/DSC Marine Transceiver

    SKU: IC-M400BB Series

    The IC-M400BB ‘black box’ marine transceiver, can be installed out of sight, which is important where space is at a premium. The IC-M400BB is controlled by the ICOM HM-195 Commandmic. The HM-195 allows operation of all radio functions including DSC, radio, foghorn, hailer horn from the cockpit or fly bridge. Two versions are available, one of which is a dual station model.

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    IC-M423GE VHF/DSC Marine Radio

    SKU: IC-M423GE

    The IC-M423GE maintains the ICOM common Marine Family user interface. This ensures it’s simple and easy to operate with its intuitive display and keypad. Furthermore the white backlit display and laser cut keypad suits modern boat interiors.

    Other features include active noise cancelling which reduces background noise significantly. The IC-M423GE as a very loud 10W audio output and includes a PA and foghorn capability.

    Built in class D DSC monitors channel 70 activity. This operates even when you are using other channels.

    It comes equipped with a fist microphone as standard but can be specified with the COMMANDMIC option. This lets you operate the radio from elsewhere on the boat. It is available in black or white.

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    IC-M510 Advanced Marine Radio

    SKU: IC-M510

    IC-M510 Advanced Marine Radio. The IC-M510 is an advanced VHF/DSC marine radio with smartphone control. It achieves this via the RS-M500 App for Android and iOS users.

    Standard package includes IC-M510 radio, HM-205RB speaker microphone, hanger, DC power cable and mounting bracket kit.

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    IC-M605E VHF/DSC/AIS Marine Radio

    SKU: IC-M605E Series

    IC-M605E VHF/DSC/AIS Marine Radio. This new marine radio also features NMEA2000 connectivity. It allows up to 3 COMMAND HEAD/COMMAND MIC to be connected.

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    IC-M73 VHF Waterproof Marine Portable Radio

    SKU: IC-M73 Series

    The ICOM IC-M73 is available in two versions, the ICOM IC-M73EURO is ideal for leisure and commercial users and the ICOM IC-M73PLUS is designed for professional users.

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    IC-M804 Class E DSC MF/HF Radio

    SKU: IC-M804 Radio

    Standard features include:-

    • 125W PEP
    • 0.5-29.999MHz
    • Advanced RF direct sampling system
    • 12/24VDC operation
    • Programmable microphone button
    • NMEA2000; NMEA0183/-HS connectivity
    • Integrated GNSS receiver
    • Distress button
    • 4.3in TFT Display
    • 2 minute instant replay feature
    • IP67
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Integrated DSC Watch Keeping receiver

    Standard package includes IC-M804 transceiver; hand microphone; DC cable; DNSS antenna; Remote controller & cable; mounting plates & bracket kit

    Please note image shows IC-M804 with ATU-141. Please specify 12V or 24V operation when ordering.

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    IC-M85E VHF/PBR Marine Portable Radio

    SKU: IC-M85E

    The IC-M85E is a compact and lightweight marine band portable radio with up to 100 PMR channels. Ideal for land and marine use the IC-M85E is protected by its IP67 submersibility rating and meets the rugged MIL-STD environmental standards. Built with both marine and commercial users in mind the IC-M85E includes a scrambler feature to ensure private calls and a range of useful emergency functions.

    Extended talk times are possible with the 14 hour battery duty cycle and the radio also features a self check function that checks internal temperature and battery over voltage.

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    IC-M87 ATEX I.S VHF Portable Submersible Marine Radio

    SKU: IC-M87 ATEX

    The IC-M87 ATEX is a high class business VHF portable marine radio, meaning it meets both simple and Private Business Radio (PBR) and marine applications. The radio is intrinsically safe (ATEX approval: II2G EEx iB IIA T3), meaning it can be used in hazardous environments such as oil rigs and petrol tankers, protecting against explosions and fire hazards.

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    IC-M87 VHF Portable Submersible Marine Radio

    SKU: IC-M87

    The IC-M87 is a high class business VHF portable marine radio, meaning it meets both simple Private Business Radio (PBR) and marine applications. At the push of a button, users can switch from operating bands between PBR and marine channels. The radio is also tough, having been built to MIL-STD 810 standards.

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    IC-M94DE Buoyant Marine Portable Radio

    SKU: IC-M94DE

    A world first, the ICOM IC-M94DE is equipped with an integrated AIS receiver, along with DSC and GPS.

    The AIS feature provides users with receive information broadcast from other AIS equipped vessels. The vessel traffic details can be viewed on the large backlit display.

    The IC-M94DE replaces the IC-M91D and offers an elegant design with many easy to use features.

    Features include a powerful 6 Watts of transmit output for extended range. In addition it has a 2400mAh high capacity li-ion battery for up to 10 hours of talk time.

    It also has a clever navigation feature that lets you navigate to a pre set waypoint. Furthermore you can assign up to 50 favourite fishing spots or waypoints as destinations.