Body Worn Cameras

Body worn cameras are becoming vital items of equipment for security staff. They help to reduce anti social behaviour in public places including shopping centres, high streets, stadiums and other event venues. Our Hytera VM685 Remote Video Speaker Microphone is a high quality video camera with the ability to store and download high definition video. Ideal for evidential purposes or for staff training. It is not just a veideo camera but can be used as a remote speaker microphone when connected to a range of Hytera digital [DMR] portable radios.

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    VM550 Body Worn Video Camera

    SKU: VM550 Series

    The Hytera VM550 and VM550D body worn cameras are both compact, slim and lightweight [only 145g]. With a powerful 2 watt audio these are reliable and rugged devices. They both meet the stringent MIL STDS 810G and IP67 environmental standards.

    Combining a body worn video camera and remote speaker microphone compatible with a range of Hytera DMR portable radios, the RVM550/D also include an integrated emergency button for operator safety. The high definition camera features a wide field of view – diagonal 139deg; horizontal 116deg; vertical 60deg.

    Data export is via a micro USB lead or Bluetooth/Wi Fi and is easily achieved using the optional RVM Multi Unit Charger. This charges up to 6 RVM’s and 6 batteries at the same time and provides power indication, battery charging status and data transmission indication. Videos, photos and log files can also be exported automatically to the optional Integrated Device Station [IDS] which runs on a PC and collects and stores evidence. From the IDS you can review, manage and share data easily and simply.

    The RVM550D adds a 2 inch colour display, an auto video saving upon sudden impact feature and a niht vision capability with an effective range of 10 metres.

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    VM685 Body Worn Video Camera

    SKU: VM685

    Designed to increase the effectiveness of security officers the Hytera VM685 remote video speaker microphone comprises a high definition 1080p video camera recording at 60 frames/sec and with a 16 megapixel image sensor. It can be used with a range of Hytera DMR portable radios including the PDC760 multi mode radio, PD7,PD6 and X1 series DMR portable radio terminals. There are 4 versions available all with different storage capacity from 16GB to 128GB according to your specific requirements. Video can be easily downloaded for viewing later using the combined multi unit charger and data transmission unit.

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    VM780 Body Worn Video Camera

    SKU: VM780 Series

    On site real time video and audio streaming can be accomplished with the Hytera VM780 body worn camera. Four versions available with either 16, 32, 64 or 128 Gb storage. It utilizes the very latest H.265 video compression technology meaning that much narrower band width is required to transmit video.

    The Hytera VM780 can transmit video via 3G/4G and Wi Fi in real time thus allowing despatch controllers to see an event as it unfolds. With its 3500mAh high capacity battery the VM780 can provide up to 9 hours of battery life making it ideal for a standard work shift without having to change batteries.

    Equipped with a 216 degree rotatable camera to provide the widest possible field of view and featuring highly secure 256 bit encryption the VM780 ensures that all transmitted video and audio is kept totally secure for evidential purposes.