UHF [380-400MHz]

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    Hytera MT680 Plus UHF Body Mount High Gain Antenna

    SKU: AN0 TETRA Series

    A range of antennas are available for the Hytera MT680 Plus TETRA mobile radio. These cover all frequency bands from 351-870MHz and with from 3-7dBi gain. These antennas have a M110 mount and includes 5 metres of feeder cable and connector. Made from stainless steel with a spring whip for extra long life.

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    Hytera RD965 Antenna 3.5dBi UHF-M Connector

    SKU: TQC-400FCS

    Choose the antenna from the options. These antennas have a 20MHz frequency range. Suitable for the RD965 portable base station/repeaters.

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    Hytera Z1P 9cm UHF Antenna [380-430/1575MHz]

    SKU: AN0405H14 Z1P Series

    A range of antennas suitable for use with the Hytera Z1P TETRA portable radio terminal. Various frequency band splits and antenna lengths are available including a titanium whip antenna.

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    UHF Colinear Broadband Downtilt Antenna [380-470MHz]

    SKU: CXL 70-5C/T-7/h

    The CXL 70 series are rugged collinear antennas with either 4.8dBd or 5dBd gain and with either 7 or 12 degrees of down tilt. Suitable for base station and marine use. Designed for mounting onto pole masts with a diameter between 27-65mm.