UHF (440-520MHz)

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    SCP9150 P25 Covert Portable Radio

    SKU: SCP9150

    Targeted at covert public safety and commercial users, the SCP9150 portable provides high performance reliable communications in a very compact and robust package.

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    SDB680 DMR Base Station/Repeater

    SKU: SDB680

    Designed for use either as a single site solution with RF elements and control all in a single 2U box to large multi site networks.

    Its all IP architecture is specifically designed for business critical applications. Furthermore the SDB600 offers exceptional resilience. It does this by distributing the control function throughout the network. An additional benefit is a reduced spares holding.

    The SDB670/680 are remotely configurable making in the field changes simple and quick. Also, a standard IP interface enables a wide range of applications to be deployed across a network.

    Other useful features include integrated telephony via a direct SIP/VOiP connection and auto switching between Tier II DMR and analogue modes.

    Simoco Xtend enables Tier II conventional radio sites to be connected together via an IP backbone. Up to 15 sites can be connected in this way.

    Rack or wall mount, built in health alarms, AES256 bit encryption and 100% duty cycle at maximum Tx power are also standard features of the SDB600 series base stations.

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    SDM600 Series DMR Advanced Digital Mobile

    SKU: SDM600 Series

    The SDM600 series of advanced DMR mobile radios includes versions with a fully featured control head that provides for extended applications and messaging at the user’s fingertips. Part of the new advanced digital radio range from Simoco. The Simoco SDM630 is the highest tier version and includes a massive colour graphic display with full keypad. The radio is designed so that the radio body can be located out of sight and is ideal for vehicles where cab space is at a premium. Another version with a fully featured control microphone [SDM622] also includes a display and keypad. An entry level version [SDM610] with a simple control microphone launches the SDM600 series radios.

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    SDP650 DMR Standard Digital Portable Radio

    SKU: SDP650

    SDP650 provides the user with significantly more functionality over directly competitive products including status messaging and GPS location. The SDP650 offers an enhanced screen plus a more intuitive user interface and far greater options for programmable keys. Intelligent Man-Down is integrated into the portable and does not require an add-on or option board.

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    SDP660 DMR Advanced Portable Radio

    SKU: SDP660

    Offering full keypad functionality for telephone, complex group calls, advanced data messaging and a total of 12 programmable function keys, the SD660 is ideally suited to organisations with complex operation needs.

    The Simoco SDP660 is an advanced digital portable radio fully compliant to DMR standards. Designed for businesses that need sophisticated features to improve productivity and enhance staff safety.

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    SRM9000 Series Base Station

    SKU: SRM9000B Series

    The SRM9000 has been transformed into a base station with the addition of a TSX2000 PSU, providing users with a reliable and customisable communications solution which can increase your coverage.

    Note: Images on all variants shows SRM9030 for illustration purposes only

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    SRM9000 Series Mobile Radio

    SKU: SRM9000 Series

    The SRM9000 series mobile radios meet the needs of users who are wanting the simplest voice communication to the most demanding, with its range of options that’s perfect for your business. The SRM9000 series provides a reliable, high quality and flexible range of solutions.

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    SRP9170/80 Series Portable Radio

    SKU: SRP9170/80 Series

    The SRP9170/80 series possesses reliability and flexibility; features paramount in challenging environments. Built without compromise with a rugged chassis and conventional/trunked (MPT1327) operation.

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    Xfin Base Series Base Station

    SKU: Xfin Base Series

    The Xfin Base series showcases a completely new concept in conventional base station technology; combining the same IP principles that creates the centre of the XFin Blade series trunked solution that’s software and IP controlled.