UHF (806-870MHz)

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    Hytera MT680 Plus UHF Body Mount High Gain Antenna

    SKU: AN0 TETRA Series

    A range of antennas are available for the Hytera MT680 Plus TETRA mobile radio. These cover all frequency bands from 351-870MHz and with from 3-7dBi gain. These antennas have a M110 mount and includes 5 metres of feeder cable and connector. Made from stainless steel with a spring whip for extra long life.

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    Hytera PT580H Plus Combination GPS/Radio Antenna

    SKU: AN0405H04

    Choice of stubby antennas suitable for use with the Hytera PT580H Plus TETRA radio terminal.

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    MT680 Plus TETRA Dashmount/Remote Mount Mobile Radio

    SKU: MT680

    The Hytera MT680 Plus is a fully featured TETRA radio terminal that can be employed in different configurations – as a dash mount mobile, as a remote mount mobile [3m, 6m or 15m options] and as a desktop radio terminal.

    With an easy to use interface and offering a wide range of TETRA features the MT680 Plus complements the Hytera range of TETRA radio terminals.

    The MT680 Plus operates in Direct Mode [DMO], Trunked Mode [TMO] and supports ETSI DMO Gateway and 1A type repeater operation. This allows the MT680 Plus to operate as a standalone repeater thereby increasing the coverage area for other network users.

    Designed to be operated in high noise environments, MT680 Plus employs a specially designed noise cancelling audio chip for the clearest two way communications. It also has a large TFT LCD display with 260,000 colours allowing it to be easily viewed even in direct sunlight.

    Multiple installation options make the MT680 Plus TETRA radio a flexible option as a mobile radio where cab or dash space is at a premium. The control head can be separated from the radio body and is IP67 rated for water protection, as well as dustproof.

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    PT580H Plus TETRA Radio Terminal

    SKU: PT580H

    The Hytera PT508H Plus is a rugged IP67 submersible rated TETRA radio terminal packed with advanced features. A high transmit power output of 3W gives excellent RF performance and built in man down and GPS offers a high level of safety for radio users.

    PT580H Plus supports all the popular TETRA voice and data services but also includes direct mode [DMO] and trunked radio mode [TMO] and ETSI type 1A DMO repeater mode thereby boosting the coverage area for other radio terminal users.

    The unique and patented combined radio and GPS antenna is centrally mounted. This separates the two top mounted radio controls making the radio easy to use by operators wearing gloves. It also reduces the chance of accidental operation of a radio function.

    The PT580 Plus is complemented by a wide range of audio and other accessories making this the go to TETRA radio terminal for professional radio users.

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    PT890Ex I.S. TETRA Portable Radio

    SKU: PT890Ex
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    TP8100 Series Compact Portable Radio

    SKU: TP8100 Series

    The TP8100 series boasts an uncompromising build, with a quality and sleek mechanical design. The radios are lightweight to carry (weighing just 344 grams) and boast MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F environmental standards, providing a tough communications solution which can be used in the harshest of environments. They are also feature two-shot moulded construction, which lengthens product life. The radios come in a range of styles and frequency options, as well as a trunked range. All radios are available in black [standard] or yellow, red and orange at no extra cost.