G7 Portable Licence Free Radio Twin Pack With LCD Display


The G7 licence free twin pack is an ideal solution for business professionals and consumers alike. The most popular Midland PMR446 licence free radio, the G7 is a very robust and reliable radio. It packs a host of useful features and a wide range of accessories are available including motorcycle kits, headsets, earpieces and remote speaker microphones.


G7 Portable Radio Datasheet

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The Midland G7 licence free is a fantastic radio twin pack with a sturdy design. Suitable for both business professionals and consumers, the radio pack boasts many features designed to pass on convenience to the user.

Supplied with:

Vibrating call alert

When its not always possible to hear your radio, the vibrating call alert ensures there is no disruption to communications.


Voices are automatically transmitted and received to enable hands free communications.

Battery level indicator

With this feature, users can always be aware of the battery level, encouraging more economical use of the battery.

Other features include: 5 selectable ringtones, keypad lock, charge indicator and scan facilities.

Supplied with: 2 x batterie packs belt clips,, desktop charger and user manual.

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Weight 2.000 kg



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