GEO87ZM 4/8Line Text Pager



Scope GEO87ZM Datasheet

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GEO87ZM 4/8Line Text Pager is a popular text pager with both tone and vibrate alert capability. It has an easy to read display and utilizes icon drive menus for ease of use. Ideal for those applications where large amounts of text are employed. The GEO87ZM text pager is commonly used in nursing homes and is especially useful when integrating with fire panels as more of the fire panel message can be viewed without having to scroll.

Standard features include:-

  • Address & frequency hand programmable (password protected)
  • Storage: Repeat message rejection: optional 1,2,5,10 minutes or disabled
  • Low Battery indicator
  • Out of Range (NO Service) Indicator
  • Repeat Message Indicator
  • Error Message Indicator
  • Unread Message Indicator
  • Alert Modes: Vibrate, Tone, Quiet Tone & Mute
  • Alert Length: 8, 16, 32 or 64 second programmable
  • Urgent Call (Tone + Vibrate)
  • Real Time Clock with Alarm

Standard package includes GEO87ZM pager, battery, holster and bungee.

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