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    Kenwood NX-3220E/NX-3320E Leather Carry Case & Swivel Belt Loop

    SKU: KLH-206 Series

    Heavy duty leather carry case with a swivel belt loop and D rings. Available for all versions of the NX-3220E/NX-3320E DMR/NXDN radio models.

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    Kenwood NX-3220E/NX-3320E Nylon Carry Case & Belt Clip

    SKU: KLH-207 Series

    A soft nylon carry case with a belt clip and D rings for use with shoulder straps [not included].

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    NX-3200/3300 NXDN/DMR/FM Portable Radio

    SKU: NX-3200

    The latest multi protocol portable radio range from Kenwood – the NX-3200/3300 series offers a comprehensive feature set to meet all the needs of the professional radio user. Compatible with conventional and trunking formats in NXDN and DMR Tier II the NX-3200/3300 series radios are ideal for enterprise and operational critical applications. These radios are compact and durable and host convenient features such as built in GPS for location service applications and Bluetooth for both wireless audio accessories and serial profile for other applications [option]. There are 3 models to choose from including one without display or keypad [E3]; one with a display and part keypad [E2] and one with a display and full keypad [E].

    Using a software licence certification system the NX-3200/3300 series radios can be fully customized to meet specific user requirements.

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    NX-3220E/NX-3320E NXDN & DMR Digital Portable Radio

    SKU: NX-3220E Series

    Versatility is the key to the design of the new Kenwood NX-3220E/NX-3320E radio range. These advanced portables support both NXDN and DMR digital standards. They also support mixed mode operation [digital and FM analogue] making them ideal for users wishing to migrate to a fully digital platform.

    Designed specifically for a range of enterprise and mission critical applications, the NX-3220E/NX-3320E radios are very durable and packed with a host of useful features. Bluetooth is provided for convenient hands free operation and the integral GPS receiver permits location services when used in conjunction with the Kenwood KAS-10 or KAS-20 AVL mapping/dispatcher applications.

    Three versions are available comprising a simple version without a display or keypad, a mid tier version with a display and part keypad, and a fully featured model with full keypad and display. The range is complemented by a comprehensive suite of software licences to enhance the functionality of the radios.

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    PD605 Series Digital Portable Radio

    SKU: PD605

    Slim, very rugged and stylish, the Hytera PD605 series is available in 3 versions and in VHF and UHF frequency bands. One of our most popular digital radios the PD605 series is priced from about £300 and is packed with useful, features. Built to the highest MIL STDS and submersible [IP67].

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    Tait Orca Hard Leather Case, Belt Loop & D Rings

    SKU: P2LF/5010

    Suitable for the Tait Orca range. Please indicate radio model when ordering.

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    Tait Orca Series Hard Leather Case With Fixed Rubber T Strap

    SKU: P2RS/5010

    Suitable for all Orca models. Please select from options list.

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    Tait Orca Soft Leather Case With Belt Clip & D Rings

    SKU: P1P0/5010

    Suitable for all Orca models. Select from the options list.

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    Tait TP9300 Series Soft Leather Carry Case

    SKU: T03-00038-0020

    Soft leather carry case for Tait TP9300 series DMR dual mode portable radios.

    The case utilizes the radio belt clip so has a suitable cut out on the rear.

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    TP9300 Series Dual Mode Digital Portable Radio

    SKU: TP9300 Series

    Tait TP9300 series portable radios are advanced multi mode digital radios built for use in the harshest of environments. Built to meet or exceed the stringent MIL STDS 810G environmental standards and submersible to 1P67. The radio are available in three versions to meet all business user needs. The TP9310 is a simple radio to operate and operates in digital or analogue mode. The TP9355 adds a simple keypad and display for greater functionality and for sophisticated users the TP9360 adds a full keypad allowing many telephone style features to be accessed.

    Select the radio model from the drop down list that best suits your requirements then choose a radio body colour [black; red; yellow; orange; hi-vis green] and antenna from the accessories shown below.