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    Off Road Pack

    SKU: BLORP07

    We have designed two Off Road Packs, one for the occasional off roader and the other for the professional off roader. We have designed these packs in conjunction with some experienced off road users and have taken their advice on the best products to create two cost effective, easy to use communications solutions. Both Off Road Packs offer rugged waterproof radios for use in all weathers and appropriate audio accessories that allow both the driver and the winch man to operate the radios hands free.

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    TC-700 Series Portable Radio

    SKU: TC-700 Series

    The HYT TC-700 Series is the professional radio and features advanced emergency functions such as lone worker, optional man down and emergency siren. A powerful 1.5W of audio from the large 40mm speaker provides crystal clear audio even in noisy environments. With Phone/5 Tone/HDC2400 signalling users can access telephone systems and set up advanced call types; including one to one, all call, call forward, stun/kill & revive, alert call and monitor. This makes the TC-700 Series the ideal radio for mission critical applications.

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    TM600 Series Compact Mobile Radio

    SKU: TM600 Series

    The TM600 series is a powerful and compact mobile radio, with password protection for additional security. Available in VHF and UHF frequency bands. The TM-600 Series is the lowest priced mobile radio in our portfolio but it does not lacfor advanced features. A powerful 25W Tx power and 8 or 128 channel capacity makes it the perefect radio for taxi operators.