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    PNC370 PTT over Cellular Radio

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    PTT over Cellular radio doesn’t come much smarter than the Hytera PNC370. The Hytera PNC370 is a tough and rugged PTT over Cellular radio. It lets you communicate almost anywhere via 3G/4G and WiFi networks.

    Furthermore it lets you send instant text messages. The PNC370 makes use of Hytera’s HyTalk application. This is designed to allow both PoC radios and body worn video cameras to stay connected, whether a radio or body cam is used.

    In addition we can supply the complete system architecture for your PTT over Cellular radios. This includes a web based management platform. This tool allows for traffic monitoring and usage reporting. Furthermore it allows remote firmware upgrades and billing services.

    To learn more about PTT over Cellular and the benefits it can offer your business read the article at the following link.

    PoC Radio – Combining the advantages of 2 way radio & GSM without the disadvantages of either

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    SDP560 Compact DMR Portable Radio

    SKU: SDP560

    SDP560 Compact DMR Portable Radio from Simoco is rugged and durable. It is available in both VHF and UHF frequency bands.

    It is designed to operate across both analogue and digital modes. It also includes a host of useful features such as short data messaging and transmit interrupt.

    Radio performance is enhanced with a powerful 1W of audio and a graphic LCD display for ease of use.