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    Motorcycle Pack – Standard

    SKU: BLMP01

    This Motorcycle Pack – Standard is designed to meet the needs of motorcyclists who want to keep in touch with their fellow riders whilst on the move. You can enjoy the open road and maintain contact with other bikers either by using the handlebar mounted Press To Talk [PTT] or by using the hands free transmit function [VOX]. The comfortable to wear helmet kit is easily transferred to other helmets and the Midland G7 licence free radios can allow wireless communications up to 5 miles away. The Brabourne Motorcycle Pack – Standard also helps to improve rider safety by allowing bikers to quickly alert others of any incidents ahead. SAVE OVER £30.00 BUYING THE PACK RATHER THAN THE INDIVIDUAL ITEMS

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    Motorcycle School Pack

    SKU: BLMSP03

    Our Motorcycle School Pack is a low cost solution providing a high quality, durable and waterproof Hytera TC446 licence free portable radio for the instructor and 4 low cost Midland G5XT licence free radios for the student riders. The complete pack includes everything you’ll need to get started and has been designed for ease of use so you can concentrate on your instructor role. Combining all these items into our Motorcycle School Pack saves you over £100 plus VAT!