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    BrabourneView Wireless CCTV System

    SKU: BV1

    BrabourneView is a complete wireless CCTV package that is ready to use straight out of the box. It includes all the elements needed to create a wide area, secure wireless CCTV solution that is designed to meet the needs of businesses of all types. The Ubiquiti UniFi video cameras are high definition with 1080p video resolution and an EFL 3.6mm f/1.8 for best in class vision. The standard package includes 3 x wireless bridge base stations and a 5 port ethernet switch to allow maximum flexibility with your system design. Additional wireless bridges and cameras can be added as required. Also included is 200 metres of armoured CAT5 cable and IP rated wall boxes for mounting the PoE injectors and switch. We offer a completely free of charge site survey and system design . All you pay is the cost of the hardware listed and installation.

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    Ubiquiti NaNoStation M5 MIMO Wireless Bridge Base Station

    SKU: NSM5

    The Ubiquiti NanoStation M5 MIMO Wireless Bridge Base Station is a high performance and low cost device making it a very versatile point to point wireless bridge. It features a unique and sleek form factor and includes integrated Ubiquiti AirMax [MIMO TDMA Protocol] technology. High speed throughput is assured at 150Mbps and with up to 15km range the NaNoStation performs significantly faster than ever before. It also encompasses dual ethernet connectivity so you can power a second device such as a cctv camera without the need for a separate PoE injector. Its remote hardware reset circuitry means it is easy to reset the base station remotely. If you use a Ubiquiti Instant 802.3af adapter the NaNoStation quickly becomes 802.3af 48V compliant.

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    Ubiquiti Rocket M5 5GHz MIMO Wireless Bridge Base Station


    The RocketM5 is a point to point wireless bridge base station with in excess of 50km range and an ultra fast speed of 150+Mbps real TCP/IP. It is both a rugged and high power device with an enhanced receiver performance. The RocketM5 can handle over 300 subscribers and a particular features is its low latency for voice and video applications, even as your network grows. As all the ‘intelligence’ resides within the M5 it can be easily paired with a range of AirMax base station or Rocket antennas.

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    VM780 Body Worn Video Camera

    SKU: VM780 Series

    On site real time video and audio streaming can be accomplished with the Hytera VM780 body worn camera. Four versions available with either 16, 32, 64 or 128 Gb storage. It utilizes the very latest H.265 video compression technology meaning that much narrower band width is required to transmit video.

    The Hytera VM780 can transmit video via 3G/4G and Wi Fi in real time thus allowing despatch controllers to see an event as it unfolds. With its 3500mAh high capacity battery the VM780 can provide up to 9 hours of battery life making it ideal for a standard work shift without having to change batteries.

    Equipped with a 216 degree rotatable camera to provide the widest possible field of view and featuring highly secure 256 bit encryption the VM780 ensures that all transmitted video and audio is kept totally secure for evidential purposes.