DMR base station

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    SDB680 DMR Base Station/Repeater

    SKU: SDB680

    Designed for use either as a single site solution with RF elements and control all in a single 2U box to large multi site networks.

    Its all IP architecture is specifically designed for business critical applications. Furthermore the SDB600 offers exceptional resilience. It does this by distributing the control function throughout the network. An additional benefit is a reduced spares holding.

    The SDB670/680 are remotely configurable making in the field changes simple and quick. Also, a standard IP interface enables a wide range of applications to be deployed across a network.

    Other useful features include integrated telephony via a direct SIP/VOiP connection and auto switching between Tier II DMR and analogue modes.

    Simoco Xtend enables Tier II conventional radio sites to be connected together via an IP backbone. Up to 15 sites can be connected in this way.

    Rack or wall mount, built in health alarms, AES256 bit encryption and 100% duty cycle at maximum Tx power are also standard features of the SDB600 series base stations.

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    SLR5500 High Power Repeater

    SKU: SLR5500

    The SLR5500 is the latest base station repeater from Motorola. Designed with small and large systems in mind the SLR5500 has huge built in expansion capability.

    The Motorola SLR5500 operates in multiple modes including: DMR conventional, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, mixed mode digital/analogue conventional and MPT1327.

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    SLR8000 Series High Tier Base Station

    SKU: SLR8000

    The Motorola SLR8000 is the latest multi mode base station from Motorola. With a100W maximum transmit power and extra sensitive receiver the SLR8000 supports the full range of Mototrbo systems including conventional analogue, MPT1327 and all digital modes up to Capacity Max.