DMR mobile radio

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    MD615 Series Digital Mobile Radio

    SKU: MD615

    A range of useful features make the new Hytera MD615 and MD 625 digital mobile radios stand out from the crowd. Compact design permits ease of installation in vehicles. Available in UHF frequency bands and in either 25W or 45W transmit power. The MD615 has a large, easy to read LCD display whilst the MD625 features a 1.5 in LCD display. Both radio models are capable of channel scan and multi site roaming, pseudo trunk operation and dual mode operation [analogue and digital]. This makes adding new radios to an existing fleet simple and seamless.

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    MD785i Series Advanced DMR Mobile Radio

    SKU: MD785i

    Characterized by superb performance, high reliability and strong expandability, the MD785 mobile radio family will enrich your communication experience. The MD700 series digital mobile radios have an ergonomic design which includes a large-size colour display, an easy channel selection and volume control with one knob operation, a powerful speaker and 7 programmable keys.

    With the launch of the new and improved MD785i, Hytera are offering a DMR mobile radio with even more capability. This includes improved RF performance such as higher receive sensitivity and better frequency stability, a special UART cable allows the MD785i radio to be connected to repeaters. In a situation where an IP multi site connection is unavailable the MD785i acts as a wireless connection to keep communications flowing.

    Further enhancements include improved GPS position detection and UHF versions are now capable of operating in full duplex so allowing the MD785i to become a single frequency repeater – extending radio coverage for other radio users.

    The option board can now be accessed via the CPS allowing users to transfer data to other devices