high gain antenna

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    UHF Colinear Ground Plane Antenna [380-470MHz]

    SKU: GP-450-3/h

    The GP-450 series are 3dBd gain collinear ground plane marine and base station antennas suitable for mounting onto pole masts with a diameter of 27mm.

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    UHF High Gain Colinear Broadband Antenna [380-470MHz]

    SKU: CXL 70-8HD/...

    The CXL 70-8HD/… is a broadband antenna with a gain of 8dBd. Please state spot frequency when ordering. It covers the UHF band from 380-470MHz and is designed to fit to pole masts with a diameter between 58-105mm. A lightning tested version [EN 61645-11] is also available.

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    VHF Heavy Duty Collinear 5dB gain Antenna [144-175MHz]

    SKU: CXL 2-5SL/

    The CXL 2-5SL/ is manufactured and tuned to your specific operating frequencies. Please state at time of ordering. This is a very rugged VHF collinear 5dB gain antenna designed for mounting on pole masts with a diameter from 33-70mm. Utilizes our SL [slim line] mast mount.