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    HM785 DMR Mobile Radio

    SKU: HM785 Series

    The advanced Hytera HM785 DMR mobile radio supports either single or dual control heads. This is ideal for operations such as use in trains, motorcycles and fixed control rooms.

    AI based technology is employed for the best audio clarity in its class. Received audio is also faster and more flexible.

    The HM785 is the ideal radio for monitoring and controlling industrial processes. This is achieved using the built in clarity transmission feature. This provides a transparent channel for data transmission without any changes to the integrity of the date being sent.

    Built in Bluetooth supports multiple connections. The HM785 can be used to collect data from equipment. It may be used with BMS systems in conjunction with products such as BrabourneControl or BrabourneAlert.

    Furthermore radio coverage can be extended by connecting two or more HM785 DMR radios via IP linking.

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    HP6 Series DMR Portable Radio

    SKU: HP6 Series

    HP6 Series DMR portable radios are the latest digital handsets from Hytera. These ultra modern terminals are recognized by their sleek design. The Hytera HPS series radios are available in either UHF or VHF frequency bands. Furthermore there are two different styles. A non display/keypad version, HP605, is a lightweight and compact portable radio. The HP685 adds a keypad and a large colour display.

    These are very rugged radios. They exceed the stringent MIL STDS810G environmental tests and are submersible down to 2 metres of water [IP67].

    Both radios may be configured with integrated Bluetooth for wireless connection to a range of audio accessories. Other useful features include integrated GPS.

    These radios are designed for professional users and with their AI based noise cancelling technology can be used in very high noise areas.

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    Hytera Dispatcher Client S/Ware Licence

    SKU: Dispatcher Client Software Licence

    Additional client dispatcher licence for Hytera SmartDispatch.

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    Hytera MD785i Footswitch PTT & Sun Visor Microphone Kit

    SKU: POA86

    Combined footswitch PTT and sun visor microphone cable kit to allow hands free use of the Hytera MD785i DMR radio in a vehicle. The cable length is 5.0 metres and the kit is equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack.

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    MD615 Series Digital Mobile Radio

    SKU: MD615

    A range of useful features make the new Hytera MD615 and MD 625 digital mobile radios stand out from the crowd. Compact design permits ease of installation in vehicles. Available in UHF frequency bands and in either 25W or 45W transmit power. The MD615 has a large, easy to read LCD display whilst the MD625 features a 1.5 in LCD display. Both radio models are capable of channel scan and multi site roaming, pseudo trunk operation and dual mode operation [analogue and digital]. This makes adding new radios to an existing fleet simple and seamless.

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    MD655 Digital Mobile Radio

    SKU: MD655

    The Hytera MD655 DMR digital mobile radio is ideal for installation into vehicles where there is little available space in or under the dashboard. The MD655 is designed to use a remote control microphone with the transceiver located in the boot.

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    PD715Ex Series ATEX Intrinsically Safe Portable Radio

    SKU: PD715Ex Series

    These are the only ATEX DMR portable radios from Hytera. They offer rugged economic design and are stacked with features to make hazardous area communications simple and safe. The PD715Ex and PD795Ex complies with ATEX, IECEX and FM standards and is dust and waterproof. Its unique patented battery lock improves safety further and it retains all of the functionality of the PD700 DMR radios from Hytera.

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    PD985 Full Duplex Advanced Digital Portable Radio

    SKU: PD985

    For professional users needing advanced mobile communications the Hytera PD985 offers the most comprehensive features to be found in a portable radio. The PD985 is unique in that it can be used as a single frequency repeater. Ideal when you need to extend an existing radio network temporarily, or for use at events when short term radio networks are required.

    Its smart battery technology increases battery life by 33% compared to the PD785 and lets you monitor battery status on screen in real time. Highly advanced noise cancelling technology results in a powerful 2.5 watt audio output making the PD985 easy to use in high noise environments.

    With full duplex capability you can make and receive calls to other radios, mobile phones and PSTN/PBX extensions.

    See below for a list of the many features that makes the PD985 the perfect business communications device.

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    RD625U Portable Base Station/Repeater

    SKU: RD625

    If your requirement is for a small, compact base station/repeater then Hytera have the RD625 series available. With 100% duty cycle at full power the RD625 is ideal for most business applications.

    The Hytera RD625 can be located almost anywhere and is ideal for vehicle applications where space is at a premium.

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    RD965 Series Digital Repeater

    SKU: RD965

    A professional repeater built to the DMR standard, the RD965 integrates powerful, digital features such as both analogue and digital call support, high level encryption two simultaneous calls through the same base and IP connectivity.