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    DT Series Ex/IECEx Intrinsically Safe DMR Portable Radio

    SKU: DT Series

    The Entel DT Ex series are customisable from basic PTT operation to sophisticated configurations. The high contrast OLED display can also be configured to show simple large characters or more detailed information. Entel Sure Speech technology delivers the very highest quality audio, even in high noise environments. Sure Speech automatically detects the type of accessory being connected to the radio and optimizes the audio accordingly.

    The safety of users is ensured with lone worker, man down and emergency call features all available. Also, with the Call Interrupt feature you can always be sure an alarm gets though even if a call is in progress.

    Entel DT Ex radios are designed to be tough and durable with the industry leading IP68 rating for submersibility [2 metres for upto 4 hours].

    Other useful features include intelligent batteries that are designed to provide optimum performance and deliver 18.5 hours operating time on one charge.

    A simple end user programming app is included that allows you to update your DT Ex radio with the latests software, or add features .

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    DT8/9FF Series Fire Fighter Radio

    SKU: DT8/9FF Series
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    DX5 Series UL913 I.S Portable Radio

    SKU: DX5 Series
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    HP795Ex DMR I.S Portable Radio

    SKU: HP795Ex
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    TP9000Ex I.S. Portable Radio

    SKU: TP9000Ex