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    IC-A16E Airband VHF Portable Radio

    SKU: IC-A16E

    Specially designed for those ground support staff operating at airports and airfields, the IC-A16E replaces the popular IC-A6E airband transceiver.

    The IC-A16E improves on the IC-A6E and includes useful features such as 8.33kHz and 25kHz channel spacing, 1500mw loudspeaker audio output for clearer communications in noisy areas, compatibility with third party headsets and built in Bluetooth for hands free operation.

    Furthermore it comes with a heavy duty 2400mAh li-ion battery pack offering upto 17 hours use between charges.

    Compact, rugged ant waterproof to IP67 the IC-A16E is a class leading airband trancseiver.