ICOM IP100H IP radio

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    IP100H IP Compact Radio Handset

    SKU: IP100H

    Simple to use and manage, ICOM’s new IP Advanced Radio System offers the ability to contact any member of your team making use of a new or existing IP/WLAN network. The IP Advanced Radio System is entirely scalable and makes use of standard wireless networking products.

    It is perfect for most business and enterprise users including hotels, shopping centres, factories, hospitals and for those locations where normal radio coverage is difficult to achieve such as on board ship or in tunnels.

    The system is licence free and operates in full duplex mode so working just like a normal telephone. Up to 100 users can be accommodated on a single system and it also permits short text messaging and status messages.

    ICOM IP Advanced Radio System comprises the compact and lightweight IP100H radio handset, submersible to IP67, the IP1000C server, IP100FS despatcher software, AP-90M TPLink dual band wireless access point and VE-PG4 radio gateway.