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    IC-F1000/2000 Series VHF/UHF Portable Radio

    SKU: IC-F1000

    The newest addition to the ICOM range, the IC-F1000/2000 lightweight portable radios are available in both VHF and UHF frequency bands, and in 3 styles; no display, display/4 keys and display with keypad. Waterproof to IP67, and dust proof the IC-F1000/2000 includes useful features such as channel announcement, integral motion sensor and extra loud audio making it the ideal radio for users in the hotel, hospitality, education and health sectors.

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    IC-F3002/F4002 Analog Portable Radio

    SKU: IC-F3002/F4002
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    IC-M85E VHF/PBR Marine Portable Radio

    SKU: IC-M85E

    The IC-M85E is a compact and lightweight marine band portable radio with up to 100 PMR channels. Ideal for land and marine use the IC-M85E is protected by its IP67 submersibility rating and meets the rugged MIL-STD environmental standards. Built with both marine and commercial users in mind the IC-M85E includes a scrambler feature to ensure private calls and a range of useful emergency functions.

    Extended talk times are possible with the 14 hour battery duty cycle and the radio also features a self check function that checks internal temperature and battery over voltage.

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    IP730D/IP740D Hybrid LTE/IDAS Radio

    SKU: IC-F730D/IC-F740D

    IP730D/IP740D Hybrid LTE/IDAS Radio. This hybrid radio combines LTE technology for national radio coverage and either VHF or UHF for IDAS or analogue operation.

    In LTE mode the IP730D [VHF] or IP740D [UHF] provides push to talk [PTT] coverage over mobile phone networks. These are LTE 3G and 4G networks commonly available in most countries. This lets you make radio calls to any other ICOM IP radio wherever there is mobile phone coverage.

    In IDAS mode the radio operates in conventional mode over your own VHF or UHF network. It can also operate in back to back mode without any need for a network.

    The IP730D/IP740D has 2 PTT buttons. This means you can easily switch between LTE and IDAS mode according to your needs. One PTT is used for each mode.

    A further benefit is that in LTE mode the radio works in full duplex. So you can talk and listen at the same time. Just like with a normal telephone!

    With built in functions such as Bluetooth, emergency call features and digital voice record/playback, the IP730D/IP740D is ideal for business users with ever changing mobile communications requirements.