ICOM VHF radio

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    IC-F5012/6012 Entry Level Mobile Radio

    SKU: IC-F5012 Series

    The ICOM IC-F5012 [VHF] and IC-F6012 [UHF] mobile radios succeed the ICOM IC-F110S radios and are ideal for the small to medium sized business user. A comprehensive range of features includes beep and answer call back, PTT ID, Auto Tx and stun/kill and revive. An LED display and 8 memory channels make the IC-F5102 and IC-F6102 simple to operate under all conditions.

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    IC-F5022 Series Mobile Radio

    SKU: IC-F5022 Series

    The IC-F5022 series retains the features from its predecessor (IC-F110 series), while providing additional functionality found on more expensive radio communications equipment, making it suitable for a variety of markets including security, transport and agriculture. Built to MIL-STD 810F, the IC-F5022 series is heavy duty making it suitable for use in a range of environments.

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    IC-F51V Series Compact Portable Radio

    SKU: IC-F51V Series

    The IC-F51V advanced handheld transceiver boasts a dust-tight and waterproof (IP67) construction, whilst retaining a compact and portable style.The series is particularly suitable for users who work in noisy environments as it has loud audio (700w) with vibration alert.

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    IC-M605E VHF/DSC/AIS Marine Radio

    SKU: IC-M605E Series

    IC-M605E VHF/DSC/AIS Marine Radio. This new marine radio also features NMEA2000 connectivity. It allows up to 3 COMMAND HEAD/COMMAND MIC to be connected.

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    IC-M73 VHF Waterproof Marine Portable Radio

    SKU: IC-M73 Series

    The ICOM IC-M73 is available in two versions, the ICOM IC-M73EURO is ideal for leisure and commercial users and the ICOM IC-M73PLUS is designed for professional users.

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    IP730D/IP740D Hybrid LTE/IDAS Radio

    SKU: IC-F730D/IC-F740D

    IP730D/IP740D Hybrid LTE/IDAS Radio. This hybrid radio combines LTE technology for national radio coverage and either VHF or UHF for IDAS or analogue operation.

    In LTE mode the IP730D [VHF] or IP740D [UHF] provides push to talk [PTT] coverage over mobile phone networks. These are LTE 3G and 4G networks commonly available in most countries. This lets you make radio calls to any other ICOM IP radio wherever there is mobile phone coverage.

    In IDAS mode the radio operates in conventional mode over your own VHF or UHF network. It can also operate in back to back mode without any need for a network.

    The IP730D/IP740D has 2 PTT buttons. This means you can easily switch between LTE and IDAS mode according to your needs. One PTT is used for each mode.

    A further benefit is that in LTE mode the radio works in full duplex. So you can talk and listen at the same time. Just like with a normal telephone!

    With built in functions such as Bluetooth, emergency call features and digital voice record/playback, the IP730D/IP740D is ideal for business users with ever changing mobile communications requirements.

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    TRP Transportable Repeater


    The ICOM TRP Series base station is a rack mount base station that can be operated as a repeater, either with 2 antenna working or with the addition of an external duplexor. Available in both VHF [136-174MHz] and UHF [403-470MHz] frequency bands, and in either 25W or 50W power outputs.