Kenwood discreet earpiece

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    Kenwood TK Series Bone Conduction Mic & Earpiece -2 Pin

    SKU: BCM01-K1

    The BCM01-K1 bone conduction microphone and earpiece is built to high quality with a robust PTT unit. Produces excellent audio reproduction and includes a remote PTT for in-hand keying. Compatible with most Kenwood radios with a 2 pin socket and the Kirisun 3208 portable radio.

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    Kenwood TK Series Flatpack Inductor, Mic, & Barrel PTT


    COV-PACK/TK260 Flatpack Inductor with built in Mic, & Barrel PTT for the Kenwood TK220/320, 240/340, 240D/340D, TK208/308, 430/431, 250/350/353, TK272G/372G, TK373G, TK3100, Pro Talk XLS, TK3131, Free Talk XLS, TK2100/3100, 2160/3160/3101, TK2102/3102, TK2170/3170/3173, TK3300, TK260G/360G, 270G/370G, TK2200/3200, TK3201, TK2202/3202/TK2312, 3101 Free Talk, XL 2102/3102 Pro Talk, TK259/359, TK2302/3302, NX320/TK3312