Kenwood FM radio

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    TK-2000/3000 VHF/UHF Budget Portable Radio

    SKU: TK-2000/3000 Series

    The entry level TK-2000 and TK-3000 radio from Kenwood offers a range of features in a compact, rugged package. The TK-2000 and TK-3000 shares many of the same accessories as other Kenwood portables. Ideal for small businesses and other users that need reliable on site communications.

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    TK-2312/3312 Series Portable Radio

    SKU: TK-2312/3312

    The Kenwood TK-2312 and TK-3312 portable radios share the same accessories, batteries and chargers as the TK-2202 and TK-3302. In addition these are provided with a display, partial keypad and 128 channel capacity.

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    TK-7302E Series Mobile Radio

    SKU: TK-7302ESeries

    The new TK-7302 VHF and TK-8302 mobile radios from Kenwood are compact, durable radios with a high specification and low price. With wide band coverage [70MHz in UHF] and featuring high quality audio, voice announcement and large display these radios are easy to operate day or night.