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    Kenwood NX-700 Series Remote Mount DC Cable – 7M

    SKU: KCT-23M3

    The KCT-23M3 (remote mount- 7m) DC cable is compatible with the Kenwood NX-700 and TK-7180 series mobile radios.

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    NX-3720GE/NX-3820GE NXDN/DMR/FM Digital Mobile Radio

    SKU: NX-3720GE Series

    The Kenwood NX-3720GE and NX-3820GE are powerful and adaptable NXDN/DMR compatible mobile radios.. The NX-3720E [VHF] and NX-3820E UHF radios also support mixed digital and analogue FM operation.

    Its flexible design includes useful features such as Bluetooth for safe hands free operation. In addition the control head is removable and, with the optional KCT-71M2 or KCT-71M3 or KCT-71M4 control cables permits remote operation of the radio. Particularly useful with the space limitations of modern vehicles.

    Further customization is possible with the addition of any of the software upgrade licences including encryption options ,AVL and dispatch applications, front panel programming capability etc.

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    NX-700 Digital Series Mobile Radio

    SKU: NX-700 Series

    The Kenwood NX-700 series digital mobile radios are designed to meet the communication requirements of private enterprises. The series features NEXEDGE technology which extends the life of current radio system assets.

    Suitable for businesses that want an easy migration path from analogue to digital radio communications.

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    NX-720/820 Series Nexedge/dPMR Mobile Radios

    SKU: NX-720/820 Series

    The NX-720 and NX-820 Series of mobile radios combines Kenwoods famous Nexedge digital technology with the latest dPMR standard available as a flash upgrade. A compact radio with large easy to read display, the TK-720/820 Series offers business users the best of both worlds in analogue and digital communications technology. AVAILABLE IN EITHER NEXEDGE OR dPMR VERSIONS. PLEASE SPECIFY WHEN ORDERING.

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    TK-7180/8180 Series Mobile Radio

    SKU: TK-7180 Series

    The TK-7180/8180 series offers an outstanding range of advanced features which will play a vital role in the latest fleet control and dispatch applications. The mobile radios benefit from MIL STD 810 C/D/E/F environmental standards meaning they can survive harsh weather. They are also IP54/55 classified meaning they are protected against dust and water intrusion. The series also benefits from keypad options. The TK-7189 and TK-8189 both have full keypads to access more features.

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    TK-7302E Series Mobile Radio

    SKU: TK-7302ESeries

    The new TK-7302 VHF and TK-8302 mobile radios from Kenwood are compact, durable radios with a high specification and low price. With wide band coverage [70MHz in UHF] and featuring high quality audio, voice announcement and large display these radios are easy to operate day or night.

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    TK-7360/8360 Series Mobile Radio

    SKU: TK-7360 Series

    The mid-tier TK-7360 and TK-8360 radios from Kenwood offer a comprehensive range of features at a very competitive price. Available in either VHF or UHF versions with upto 25 watts of transmit power, a large backlit LCD display and 128 channel capacity, this radio is perfect for business and industry users.