Kenwood UHF base Station

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    NXR-710E/810E Series Base Station

    SKU: NXR-710/810 Series

    The new Kenwood NXR-710E and NXR-810E repeater/base station is a key element in the NEXEDGE product range. It offers a low costs digital solution for professional business radio users looking to migrate from existing analogue radio networks.

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    TKR-751 Series Base Station Repeater

    SKU: TKR-751 Series

    The TKR-751 series hosts a range of high performance features, suitable for business use. Using a repeater allows users to increase the range of mobile and portable radio coverage. With a battery backup system, the repeater automatically switches to a 12v battery* if the AC power supply ever fails. Constructed of die-cast aluminium, the chassis has an integrated heat sink which provides users with a durable and reduced weight communications solution.

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    TKR-D710/810E DMR Base Station Series

    SKU: TKR-D710/810 Series

    The Kenwood TKR-D710/810 Series DMR base station repeaters provide performance, reliability and ultimate flexibility in wide area, multi channel voice and data systems.