Kenwood VHF base station

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    NXR-700 Series Base Station

    SKU: NXR-700 Series

    The NXR-700 series digital base stations boast NEXEDGE technology which extends the life of current radio system assets and meets the needs of private enterprises. The major benefit of the digital technology is that it allows companies to gradually migrate their communications system as it is compatible with analogue radios.

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    TKR-751 Series Base Station Repeater

    SKU: TKR-751 Series

    The TKR-751 series hosts a range of high performance features, suitable for business use. Using a repeater allows users to increase the range of mobile and portable radio coverage. With a battery backup system, the repeater automatically switches to a 12v battery* if the AC power supply ever fails. Constructed of die-cast aluminium, the chassis has an integrated heat sink which provides users with a durable and reduced weight communications solution.