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    DT953 ATEX DMR PMR446 Licence Free Portable Radio

    SKU: DT953

    The Entel DT953 is a tough and rugged licence free digital/analogue portable radio. The high contrast OLED display can be configured to show simple large characters or more detailed information. Entel Sure Speech technology delivers the very highest quality audio, even in high noise environments. Sure Speech automatically detects the type of accessory being connected to the radio and optimizes the audio accordingly.

    The safety of users is ensured with lone worker, man down and emergency call features all available. Also, with the Call Interrupt feature you can always be sure an alarm gets though even if a call is in progress.

    The Entel DT953 radio is designed to be tough and durable with the industry leading IP68 rating for submersibility [2 metres for up to 4 hours]. A simpler version , the DT952 without a display is also available.

    Other useful features include intelligent batteries that are designed to provide optimum performance and deliver 18.5 hours operating time on one charge.

    A simple end user programming app is included that allows you to update your DT953 radio with the latests software, or add features .

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    G10 Mossy Oak Licence Free Portable Radio

    SKU: G10

    The unusual colour scheme of the Midland G10 Mossy Oak makes this radio the ideal choice for hunters, shooters and paintball players. Its mimetic finish ensures it blends into the background. Available with a range of audio accessories and supplied with a high capacity 1200mAh lithium-ion battery pack the G10 Mossy Oak is the perfect choice for keeping in touch with your friends outdoors.

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    G18 Waterproof Licence Free Portable Radio

    SKU: G18

    The Midland G18 is the professional PMR446 licence free radio with a host of useful features. The G18 is fully waterproof to IP67 making it the ideal radio for business use.

    Supplied with radio, 1600mAh li-ion battery, belt clip, rapid desktop charger, wall charger.

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    G9E Professional Waterproof Licence Free Portable Radio

    SKU: G9E

    The Midland GPE is a professional style waterproof licence free radio with many unique features, including a dual PTT for high or low power, 12cm high gain antenna, out of range function and VOX.

    Supplied with radio, 4 x NiMH batteries, belt clip and wall charger.

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    MT975VP Portable Licence Free Radio – Twin Pack

    SKU: MT975VP

    The top of the range licence free radio from Cobra – the MT975VP is a heavy duty rugged PMR446 licence free portable radio which is also feature rich. These radios have a range up to 12km and includes both VOX handsfree transmit and a vibrate alert facility. Perfect for outdoor leisure use and for commercial users needing a simple low cost mobile communications solution.

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    Paintball Pack

    SKU: BLPP06

    The Paintball Pack has been especially created to suit the particular requirements of soft air/paint ball players. First of all the Midland G10 radios are finished in a mimetic design that makes them blend into the users jacket. We have selected a pair of surveillance acoustic tube style earpieces with inline PTT’s which are discreet and ensure that no voice messages are heard by the opposition.

    With the 8 PMR446 channels, 8 pre set channels 51 CTCSS tones and 83 DCS codes there is very little chance of any interference from other users. The multiple security codes also protect your channel from being monitored by the opposition and the channel scan facility will let you make use of multiple channels to ensure even greater channel integrity.

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    PD505LF DMR 446 Digital Licence Free Portable Radio

    SKU: PD505LF

    Based on the ever popular Hytera PD505 licenced digital radio, the PD505LF brings many of the features of the PD505 to the licence free model.

    Operating in both analogue and digital modes with 16 channel capacity and with a battery life of up to 16 hours the PD505LF is the ideal radio for business users preparing to migrate from analogue to digital communications.

    In addition the PD505LF supports multiple signalling formats including 2 & 5 tone and HDC1200. It also provides secure communications with encryption in digital mode and a scrambler when in analogue operation.

    An option to remotely monitor, disable and enable the radio adds extra versatility.

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    TC-446S Licence Free Portable Radio

    SKU: TC-446S

    The TC-446S is a compact radio with is loaded with features to enhance convenience and security. Operates on frequencies between 446.00625-446.09375MHz.

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    TK-3501T ProTalk Portable Licence Free Radio

    SKU: TK-3501T

    The TK-3501T ProTalk is Kenwood’s latest PMR446 portable radio, boasting a lightweight aluminium chassis which has been built to survive hard knocks and drops. With a sealed case, the TK-3501T offers reliable performance even in severe weather conditions boasting MIL STD 810 C/D/E/F and IP54/55 standards. Uses the same accessories as the TK-3301.

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    TLKR T80 PMR446 Licence Free Portable Radio

    SKU: TLKR T80

    The Motorola TLKR T80 is the most advanced radio in the TLKR range. This licence free radio is tough and compact yet very easy to use. It has a high specification such as a built in LED torch, a vibrate alert feature and upto 10km range in the right conditions. Splashproof and with a clear LCD display the TLKR T80 is just at home at night and daytime use.

    Supplied as a twin pack comprising 2 radios, 2 NiMH batteries, 2 unit desktop battery charger with UK plug and 2 belt clips.

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    VX-241 Licence Free Portable Radio

    SKU: VX-241

    The Vertex VX-241 is built with the business user in mind. Tough and reliable, small size and ease of use make the VX-241 the perfect business communications device. The VX-241 is built to perform, rated to IP54 for dust and water and meets MIL STDS environmental regulations. Equipped with the unique Vertex ARTS – Auto Range Transponder System which keeps you informed when the radio is in or out of range. The newest PMR446 radio from Vertex is provided with a range of features normally associated with licenced radios, such as Busy Channel Lock Out [BCLO], Time out Timer [TOT] and follow me scan.

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    Winter Sport Pack

    SKU: BLSKP10

    Whatever your chosen winter sport activity the Winter Sport Pack is ideal for you. The Midland G7 licence free radios are small and lightweight so will easily fir into a pocket. Also the frequencies these operate on are legal for use in the EU so can be used at most European ski resorts. Offering a range of up to 5 miles and supplied with some comfortable to wear earpieces the Winter Sport Pack will allow you to keep in touch with your friends on the ski slopes.

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    XT185 Licence Free Radio

    SKU: XT185

    XT185 licence free radio. The new Motorola XT185 licence free radio is supplied as a twin pack. These new PMR446 radios provide cost effective communications to a wide variety of users.

    Instant and crystal clear communications is the hallmark of the Motorola XT185.

    Developed for business and consumer users, the XT185 is equally at home in the warehouse, factory or retail outlet.

    Its long battery life, compact size and light weight makes the XT185 the ideal choice for businesses and consumers.

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    XTB PMR 446 Licence Free Portable Radio

    SKU: XTB

    The Motorola XTB PMR446 licence free radios have been designed with business users in mind. Durable and reliable these radios have been subjected to Motorola’s renowned accelerated life testing regime to mimic 5 years of hard use.Ideal for warehouses, shops or schools the XTB radios are convenient, flexible and comfortable to use.

    Supplied with 2 radios, rechargeable NiMH batteries, belt clips and 2 unit battery charger with UK plug.