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    AM1035 Floating Licence Free Radio – Twinpack

    SKU: AM1035

    Available in a twin pack with NiMH rechargeable batteries and a separate 2 unit battery charger the Cobra AM1035 licence free radios are designed for extreme outdoor use. Waterproof to IPX7, floating capability, high visibility orange coloured rubberized grips and built in LED torch the AM1035 PMR446 two way radios are ideal for all outdoor activities. These rugged licence free radios are legal throughout most of Western Europe and are equipped with a huge 968 channel combinations for interference free use.

    Standard package includes 2 x AM1035 licence free radios, dock charger with PSU, 6 X NiMH rechargeable batteries belt clips and multi lingual user guide

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    AM645 Portable Licence Free Radio Twin Pack

    SKU: AM645

    Compact and price competitive the Cobra AM645 licence free portable radios come as a twin pack with micro USB chargers included. These are feature rich radios including a useful call alert tone, VOX hands free transmit and a roger beep for added convenience. With up to 8km range these compact PMR446 radios are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.

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    AM845 Waterproof Licence Free Radio – Twinpack

    SKU: AM845

    These waterproof licence free radios from Cobra are the latest in our licence free range. With a host of novel features including a built in LED flashlight and rubberized grips for easier use outdoors the AM845 off real value for almost all outdoor activities. Ideal for skiing, hiking, paint balling and other activities where a low cost but rugged two way radio is needed.

    Pack includes 2 x AM845 radios with AA NiMH batteries, Micro USB charger, belt clip and multi lingual user guide.

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    BD305LF Dual Mode Licence Free Portable Radio

    SKU: BD305LF

    The latest licence free radio from Hytera – the BD305LF features a compact and light weight design [only 140g] in a pocket size form factor. The BD305LF features a high performance ultra long battery life up to 16 hours and will operate in either analogue or digital modes. This can be selected manually or once configured, automatically.

    With the capability to manage two simultaneous calls on the same channel [in digital mode], the BD305LF is the perfect business tool for first time radio users. Digital encoding and correction technology ensures superior audio quality and minimizes interference.

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    PKT-23T Pocket Size Licence Free Portable Radio

    SKU: PKT-23T

    The smallest licence free portable radio suitable for business use, the Kenwood PKT-23T measures only 46mm wide x 85mm high x 21mm deep. It weighs only 100g and will fit easily into a pocket making it ideal for front of house applications such as concierge and reception staff.

    Although it is very thin and light weight the PKT-23T is still very rugged. Designed to meet or exceed the stringent military environmental standards [MIL STDS 810C/D/E/F/G] and water resistant to IP54.

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    XT185 Licence Free Radio

    SKU: XT185

    XT185 licence free radio. The new Motorola XT185 licence free radio is supplied as a twin pack. These new PMR446 radios provide cost effective communications to a wide variety of users.

    Instant and crystal clear communications is the hallmark of the Motorola XT185.

    Developed for business and consumer users, the XT185 is equally at home in the warehouse, factory or retail outlet.

    Its long battery life, compact size and light weight makes the XT185 the ideal choice for businesses and consumers.