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    IC-M330GE VHF/DSC Fixed Marine Transceiver

    SKU: IC-M330GE

    A very compact fixed marine transceiver measuring only 156 x 66 x 110mm, the IC-M330GE is some 35% smaller than the IC-M323G that it replaces. It still manages to feature a very large full dot matrix display.

    It also features an improved loudspeaker design that offers improved audio quality and AquaQuake technology that prevents audio degradation with a water-logged loudspeaker.

    With a class leading receiver performance of more than 70dB, built in GPS receiver and IP67 waterproofing protection the IC-M330GE is the ideal marine radio for either the professional or amateur boat owner.

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    IC-M423GE VHF/DSC Marine Radio

    SKU: IC-M423GE

    The IC-M423GE maintains the ICOM common Marine Family user interface. This ensures it’s simple and easy to operate with its intuitive display and keypad. Furthermore the white backlit display and laser cut keypad suits modern boat interiors.

    Other features include active noise cancelling which reduces background noise significantly. The IC-M423GE as a very loud 10W audio output and includes a PA and foghorn capability.

    Built in class D DSC monitors channel 70 activity. This operates even when you are using other channels.

    It comes equipped with a fist microphone as standard but can be specified with the COMMANDMIC option. This lets you operate the radio from elsewhere on the boat. It is available in black or white.

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    IC-M510 Advanced Marine Radio

    SKU: IC-M510

    IC-M510 Advanced Marine Radio. The IC-M510 is an advanced VHF/DSC marine radio with smartphone control. It achieves this via the RS-M500 App for Android and iOS users.

    Standard package includes IC-M510 radio, HM-205RB speaker microphone, hanger, DC power cable and mounting bracket kit.

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    IC-M605E VHF/DSC/AIS Marine Radio

    SKU: IC-M605E Series

    IC-M605E VHF/DSC/AIS Marine Radio. This new marine radio also features NMEA2000 connectivity. It allows up to 3 COMMAND HEAD/COMMAND MIC to be connected.

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    IC-M94DE Buoyant Marine Portable Radio

    SKU: IC-M94DE

    A world first, the ICOM IC-M94DE is equipped with an integrated AIS receiver, along with DSC and GPS.

    The AIS feature provides users with receive information broadcast from other AIS equipped vessels. The vessel traffic details can be viewed on the large backlit display.

    The IC-M94DE replaces the IC-M91D and offers an elegant design with many easy to use features.

    Features include a powerful 6 Watts of transmit output for extended range. In addition it has a 2400mAh high capacity li-ion battery for up to 10 hours of talk time.

    It also has a clever navigation feature that lets you navigate to a pre set waypoint. Furthermore you can assign up to 50 favourite fishing spots or waypoints as destinations.