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    HM785 DMR Mobile Radio

    SKU: HM785 Series

    The advanced Hytera HM785 DMR mobile radio supports either single or dual control heads. This is ideal for operations such as use in trains, motorcycles and fixed control rooms.

    AI based technology is employed for the best audio clarity in its class. Received audio is also faster and more flexible.

    The HM785 is the ideal radio for monitoring and controlling industrial processes. This is achieved using the built in clarity transmission feature. This provides a transparent channel for data transmission without any changes to the integrity of the date being sent.

    Built in Bluetooth supports multiple connections. The HM785 can be used to collect data from equipment. It may be used with BMS systems in conjunction with products such as BrabourneControl or BrabourneAlert.

    Furthermore radio coverage can be extended by connecting two or more HM785 DMR radios via IP linking.

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    M5 PoC Mobile Radio

    SKU: TM5

    Standard features include:-

    • 4in colour display
    • Corning Gorilla Glass
    • GPS; WiFi; Bluetooth
    • Handsfree operation
    • 2W loudspeaker
    • Camera
    • G sensor; acceleration sensor; gyroscope; e compass
    • SOS

    Standard package includes M5 PoC radio and mounting kit

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    MNC360 PoC Mobile Radio

    SKU: MNC360 Series
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    TK-7302E Series Mobile Radio

    SKU: TK-7302ESeries

    The new TK-7302 VHF and TK-8302 mobile radios from Kenwood are compact, durable radios with a high specification and low price. With wide band coverage [70MHz in UHF] and featuring high quality audio, voice announcement and large display these radios are easy to operate day or night.

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    TP6000 Analogue Mobile Radio

    SKU: TP6000 Series