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    Klick Fast Crocodile Clip Dock


    Klick Fast Crocodile Clip Dock.

    With a KLICK FAST dock at the front, the Crocodile Garment Clip may be attached to shirt epaulettes, shirt plackets, pockets, belts, trouser pockets, jacket zip openings and skirt/trouser waistbands. It is an easy and quick way to attach a KLICK FAST Dock to garments for secure, hands-free carrying of KLICK FAST-enabled portable devices such as two-way radios, body-worn video cameras, smartphones and gas detectors.

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    Motorola KlickFast Screw On Dock

    SKU: WALN4307A

    WALN4307A Screw On Dock

    Easy to use Screw to Fit” Dock