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    DN495 4G LTE WiFi PoC Portable Radio

    SKU: DN495

    The Entel DN495 is the latest advance in portable two way communications. Offering unrivalled coverage as the radio works on all mobile phone networks as well as wi-fi networks, the DN495 PoC 4G LTE portable radio combines the best elements of a traditional two way radio with the almost world wide coverage of GSM networks. Unlike cellular phones calls are group based and are almost instant once the PTT is depressed. Also, many of the well established safety features of two way radio will be available, such as lone worker, man down and panic alarm. With an ultra long 23 hour battery duty cycle and a proper drop in desktop battery charger the DN495 is designed for any organization needing wide area mobile communications at an affordable cost.

    Two versions are available – the DN495/1 is hosted by a high performance Tier III+ data centre with full redundancy. The DN495/P1 is hosted by your own private server which you can host on your own PC. This version is even cheaper to operate as you only pay once for the PoC licence!

    The web price includes the first 12 months network access.

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    Entel DN495 Cellular Antenna

    SKU: CAT90
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    Entel P1 Private Server Software For PoC Service

    SKU: P1 Software

    Perfectly suited to smaller DN495 based radio solutions. The Entel P1/HWS private server software is the ideal solution for small fleets or user groups.

    The P1/HWS server software supports all the common PoC features including lone worker and man down, group and individual calls and GPS.

    There are two supply choices. We can supply the P1 server software as a cloud hosted solution or as a standalone PC server. The PC server is included with fully  configured onto a Dell PC. The PC is a Dell OptiPlex 3070 Micro CTO 8GB running Debian O/S. It includes 12 months basic support.. Please contact us for minimum PC specification required if you wish to supply your own PC


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    Ion UHF LTE/DMR Portable Radio

    SKU: ION
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    IP501H LTE/PoC Portable Radio

    SKU: IP501H

    Combining the very best of digital radio and mobile phone network capability, the ICOM IP501H provides licence free, nationwide, instant high quality two way communication. Operating in full duplex the ICOM IP5018 eliminates the requirement for expensive radio infrastructure such as base stations and repeaters. Ready to use straight out of the box the ICOM IP501H PoC radio offers highly secure communications to individuals and groups. It includes useful safety features such as man down and lone worker so is ideal for people working on their own , especially in remote areas.

    The ICOM IP501H can be acquired with a range of flexible billing plans including a pre set data usage limit or pay as you go. The ICOM IP501H PoC radio is also compact and lightweight, measuring only 59x 95 x32mm, and weighing only 240g!

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    M5 PoC Mobile Radio

    SKU: TM5

    Standard features include:-

    • 4in colour display
    • Corning Gorilla Glass
    • GPS; WiFi; Bluetooth
    • Handsfree operation
    • 2W loudspeaker
    • Camera
    • G sensor; acceleration sensor; gyroscope; e compass
    • SOS

    Standard package includes M5 PoC radio and mounting kit

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    PDC680 Dual Mode Rugged Radio

    SKU: PDC680
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    PNC360S Low Cost LTE Radio

    SKU: PNC360S
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    PNC380 PTT over Cellular Radio

    SKU: PNC380

    Hytera PNC380 PTT over Cellular radio adds to the functionality of the PNC370. The PNC380 features a full keypad and an improved screen display.

    The Hytera PNC380 delivers rich multimedia data services. Amongst these are 4G video, location sharing and instant messaging. The device provides a dedicated emergency button to ensure user safety. Furthermore the Hytera PNC380 has a 24 hour battery duty cycle making the need for regular charging uneccesary. The li-ion battery has a capcity of 4000mAh for all day long operation.

    Ergonomic design is a major feature of the Hytera PNC380 PTT over Cellular radio. Its side key layout makes it easy to use single handed. It has also been designed with an anti slip case which ensures a firm grip.

    See how PoC radio can benefit your business by checking out the article at the link below:-

    Combining the advantages of 2 way radio & GSM without the disadvantages of either

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    TE300 Compact PoC Radio

    SKU: TE300

    Standard features include:-

    • M6 accessory connector
    • Android Platform
    • WiFi & Bluetooth
    • Optional NFC
    • 2.0 Watt Loudspeaker
    • IP67 submersible
    • 512M DDR3 Memory + 4G ROM
    • USB 2.0
    • Acceleration and geomag sensors
    • 3600mAh li-ion battery

    Standard package includes TE300 PoC radio, 3600mAh li-ion battery, battery charger

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    TE590 Smartphone PoC Radio

    SKU: TE590

    Standard features include:-

    • Android platform
    • Corning Gorilla Glass Display
    • IP68 submersible
    • MIL STDS 810G
    • Front/Rear cameras
    • WiFi
    • Bluetooth
    • GPS
    • NFC
    • Lone worker
    • Man Down
    • G sensor; proximity sensor;¬† acceleration sensor; light sensor; e-compass

    Standard package includes TE590 PoC radio and charger

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    Telo 300 Desktop Charger

    SKU: TE300C1

    The Telo 300 single unit desktop battery charger is designed for use with the Telo TE300 compact portable PoC radio.