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    BD615 Series DMR Portable Radio

    SKU: BD615

    BD615 Series DMR portable radios share the same form factor as the Hytera BD505 series. Following on from its predecessor, the TC-610 the BD615 is coloured bright yellow. This makes it easier to locate in the dark. Furthermore it features channel selection voice annunciation so you can easily locate a particular channel in the dark.

    Rugged and compact, the BD615 is available in both UHF and VHF frequency bands. Advanced audio technology helps to make transmitted audio clear and loud. Even in the noisiest of environments. Digital encoding and error correction ensures interference free operation.

    Other features include VOX and scanning and a wide range of useful accessories to make using the BD615 a delight.

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    HP7 Series DMR Portable Radio

    SKU: HP7 Series

    The new Hytera HP7 Series DMR radios are available in two frequency bands. VHF 136-174MHz and a a wide UHF band of 400-527MHz. There are two versions, the HP705 without display and keypad and the more advanced HP785. This adds a large 2.4in colour display as well as a quick access menu. The quick access menu lets the user access radio features more quickly and easily. This makes the radio simple to use under all circumstances.

    A very high receiver sensitivity results in better operational range and improved network coverage. Another feature of both the HP705 and HP785 is a massive battery duty cycle of 26 hours! This lets a radio user operate the radio for a full shift without having to change batteries.

    Li-polymer battery technology doesn’t just increase battery duty cycle. These batteries are smaller and lighter than li-ion. The radio is therefore much slimmer, only 29.5mm thick and weighing only 290g with battery!