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    DN495 4G LTE WiFi PoC Portable Radio

    SKU: DN495

    The Entel DN495 is the latest advance in portable two way communications. Offering unrivalled coverage as the radio works on all mobile phone networks as well as wi-fi networks, the DN495 PoC 4G LTE portable radio combines the best elements of a traditional two way radio with the almost world wide coverage of GSM networks. Unlike cellular phones calls are group based and are almost instant once the PTT is depressed. Also, many of the well established safety features of two way radio will be available, such as lone worker, man down and panic alarm. With an ultra long 23 hour battery duty cycle and a proper drop in desktop battery charger the DN495 is designed for any organization needing wide area mobile communications at an affordable cost.

    Two versions are available – the DN495/1 is hosted by a high performance Tier III+ data centre with full redundancy. The DN495/P1 is hosted by your own private server which you can host on your own PC. This version is even cheaper to operate as you only pay once for the PoC licence!

    The web price includes the first 12 months network access.

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    E-PoC PC Dispatcher Software

    SKU: E-PoC Dispatcher

    To enhance the E-PoC radio capabilities Entel have released a brand new PC dispatcher software package that offers a host of useful features to improve office to mobile communications. Two versions are available providing instant voice calls [individual, group and broadcast calls], local audio recording and a mapping feature so you can easily locate and track your mobile staff. The dispatcher solution is ideal for organizations that have lone workers travelling across a region or nationally. The integrated alarms in the DN495 PoC radios will instantly notify the dispatcher of their alarm status and location.

    The Advanced Dispatcher version adds additional mapping features such as geofencing and zone management.

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    Entel E-PoC/IOS & E-PoC Android Smartphone App

    SKU: E-PoC

    The Entel E-PoC smartphone app is suitable for IOS and Android devices and allows you to integrate your smartphone with the Entel DN495 4G LTE WiFi PoC radios. This allows non radio users to communicate with radio users wherever there is mobile phone or WiFi network coverage. This makes PoC a very powerful communication tool for businesses of all sizes. No licence required, no interference from other radio users and almost unlimited simultaneous calls can be made straight from your smartphone. The app also includes some features normally only available with high tier digital two way radios including emergency alarm and GPS location to help ensure you and your workforce are kept safe and in touch wherever they are.

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    PNC370 PTT over Cellular Radio

    SKU: PNC370

    PTT over Cellular radio doesn’t come much smarter than the Hytera PNC370. The Hytera PNC370 is a tough and rugged PTT over Cellular radio. It lets you communicate almost anywhere via 3G/4G and WiFi networks.

    Furthermore it lets you send instant text messages. The PNC370 makes use of Hytera’s HyTalk application. This is designed to allow both PoC radios and body worn video cameras to stay connected, whether a radio or body cam is used.

    In addition we can supply the complete system architecture for your PTT over Cellular radios. This includes a web based management platform. This tool allows for traffic monitoring and usage reporting. Furthermore it allows remote firmware upgrades and billing services.

    To learn more about PTT over Cellular and the benefits it can offer your business read the article at the following link.

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    PNC550 PTT over Cellular Radio

    SKU: PNC550

    PNC550 PTT over Cellular Radio. The Hytera PNC550 is a smartphone style PTT over Cellular radio. Equipped with Gorilla glass for extra durability the PNC550 is built for use in tough environments.

    Further more it has along battery life and fast charging so will operate for a full 24 hours between charging. Also included is dual microphone noise suppression technology so the radio can be used in high noise environments. It has a loud 1W loudspeaker.

    Weighing less than 250g the Hytera PNC550 is lightweight and slim – only 14mm thick!

    It is fully submersible and complies with IP67 IP rating standards and the stringent MIL STDS 810G durability standard.

    Built in NFC lets you use apps such as information query, authentication, identification and inspection.

    The Hytera PNC550 is equipped with a very secure Android 8.1 platform with an open API and SDK for third party developers.