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    Motorola ZR350 Telephone Interconnect & Repeater I/face Controller

    SKU: E1366A

    Please note that this product is not line approved and should only be used with private lines.

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    Radio Despatcher System

    SKU: 1001

    TRBOnet is an advanced. scalable despatcher solution for small and large radio networks. Optimized for use with the Motorola Mototrbo range of DMR radios, TRBOnet enhances any radio network and introduces a host of advantages for business radio users. Some of the features are shown below. For a full list please download the TRBOnet datasheets.

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    Zetron Model 30 Worldpatch

    SKU: 901-9416

    The Model 30 World Patch is a low cost open channel telephone interconnect designed for installation on a simplex radio. The Model 30 is an ideal way to add telephone interconnect to simplex radio systems for low power in-plant applications. Note approved for deployment with the EU.

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    Zetron Model 735 Radio Teleconnect

    SKU: 901-9470

    The Model 735 Radio Teleconnect patches simplex, half and full-duplex radio systems to the telephone network. Calls from radio to telephone are made using DTMF keypads or microphones fitted to the radios. Calls from the telephone system to radio are made via the onsite telephone switch [PBX].