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    SDM600 Series DMR Advanced Digital Mobile

    SKU: SDM600 Series

    The SDM600 series of advanced DMR mobile radios includes versions with a fully featured control head that provides for extended applications and messaging at the user’s fingertips. Part of the new advanced digital radio range from Simoco. The Simoco SDM630 is the highest tier version and includes a massive colour graphic display with full keypad. The radio is designed so that the radio body can be located out of sight and is ideal for vehicles where cab space is at a premium. Another version with a fully featured control microphone [SDM622] also includes a display and keypad. An entry level version [SDM610] with a simple control microphone launches the SDM600 series radios.

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    SDM730 DMR Advanced Mobile Radio

    SKU: SDM730

    The Simoco SDM730 series of advanced DMR mobile radios are feature packed and are the ideal choice for the professional radio user. Available in 3 frequency bands including VHF [136-174MHz] and wideband UHF [400-470MHz & 450-520MHz] most users requirements are covered. Two transmit power levels [25W and 45W] complete the portfolio. Furthermore the SDM730 can be specified with an integral GPS engine for vehicle tracking/location services as well as with Bluetooth for wireless operation. A full duplex version allows for telephone style calls to be made via the radio. The SDM730 is an advanced radio that has significant growth potential as it is supplied with an industry standard API [Application Program Interface] for third party applications.

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    SDP650 DMR Standard Digital Portable Radio

    SKU: SDP650

    SDP650 provides the user with significantly more functionality over directly competitive products including status messaging and GPS location. The SDP650 offers an enhanced screen plus a more intuitive user interface and far greater options for programmable keys. Intelligent Man-Down is integrated into the portable and does not require an add-on or option board.

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    SDP660 DMR Advanced Portable Radio

    SKU: SDP660

    Offering full keypad functionality for telephone, complex group calls, advanced data messaging and a total of 12 programmable function keys, the SD660 is ideally suited to organisations with complex operation needs.

    The Simoco SDP660 is an advanced digital portable radio fully compliant to DMR standards. Designed for businesses that need sophisticated features to improve productivity and enhance staff safety.