Simoco portable radio

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    SDP650 DMR Standard Digital Portable Radio

    SKU: SDP650

    SDP650 provides the user with significantly more functionality over directly competitive products including status messaging and GPS location. The SDP650 offers an enhanced screen plus a more intuitive user interface and far greater options for programmable keys. Intelligent Man-Down is integrated into the portable and does not require an add-on or option board.

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    SDP660 DMR Advanced Portable Radio

    SKU: SDP660

    Offering full keypad functionality for telephone, complex group calls, advanced data messaging and a total of 12 programmable function keys, the SD660 is ideally suited to organisations with complex operation needs.

    The Simoco SDP660 is an advanced digital portable radio fully compliant to DMR standards. Designed for businesses that need sophisticated features to improve productivity and enhance staff safety.

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    SDP750/760 Digital Portable Radio

    SKU: SDP750

    The Simoco SDP750 and SDP760 digital portable radios are the latest models from Simoco. There are two models to choose from according to your business requirements. Features including full duplex calling and built in GPS and Bluetooth make the SDP750 and SDP760 perfect for organizations that want to maximise productivity and enhance employee safety.

    With best in class receiver sensitivity the Simoco SDP750 and SDP760 can be relied upon to deliver exceptionally clear communications even in marginal coverage areas.

    Compact, lightweight and with an ideal form factor for extended use in the harshest environments select the Simoco SDP750/760 for your future mobile communications requirements.

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    SRP9100 Series Compact Portable Radio

    SKU: SRP9100 Series

    The SRP9100 series is based on the highly established SRM9000 series mobile radios. With dual mode capability, users can benefit from roaming between local PMR and regional trunked radio networks, ensuring that communication is always possible. The SRP9100 series has been designed with the user in mind, providing a cost effective simple yet sophisticated communications solution.

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    SRP9170/80 Series Portable Radio

    SKU: SRP9170/80 Series

    The SRP9170/80 series possesses reliability and flexibility; features paramount in challenging environments. Built without compromise with a rugged chassis and conventional/trunked (MPT1327) operation.