Simoco SRM9030

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    Simoco SRM9000 Series Remote PTT Switch


    The MA-PTTSW remote PTT switch is compatible with the Simoco SRM9000 base station and SRM9030 mobile radio.

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    Simoco SRM9030 Control Head Kit

    SKU: MA-9030PLCH

    Includes cable, bracket, standard mic and clip.

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    SRM9000 Series Base Station

    SKU: SRM9000B Series

    The SRM9000 has been transformed into a base station with the addition of a TSX2000 PSU, providing users with a reliable and customisable communications solution which can increase your coverage.

    Note: Images on all variants shows SRM9030 for illustration purposes only

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    SRM9000 Series Mobile Radio

    SKU: SRM9000 Series

    The SRM9000 series mobile radios meet the needs of users who are wanting the simplest voice communication to the most demanding, with its range of options that’s perfect for your business. The SRM9000 series provides a reliable, high quality and flexible range of solutions.