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    Boating Pack

    SKU: BLMP05

    The Boating Pack has been created for those boat users who need on board mobile communications as well as boat to shore for inland boat users. The pack includes waterproof radios which when combined with the Aquapac Large VHF Classic waterproof bags makes the radios buoyant so even if you drop one overboard it will still float*

    Whether you are cruising along a canal or kayaking the Midland G15 licence free radios will allow you to stay in touch with others on the water – ideal when travelling in groups of boats.

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    DT953 ATEX DMR PMR446 Licence Free Portable Radio

    SKU: DT953

    The Entel DT953 is a tough and rugged licence free digital/analogue portable radio. The high contrast OLED display can be configured to show simple large characters or more detailed information. Entel Sure Speech technology delivers the very highest quality audio, even in high noise environments. Sure Speech automatically detects the type of accessory being connected to the radio and optimizes the audio accordingly.

    The safety of users is ensured with lone worker, man down and emergency call features all available. Also, with the Call Interrupt feature you can always be sure an alarm gets though even if a call is in progress.

    The Entel DT953 radio is designed to be tough and durable with the industry leading IP68 rating for submersibility [2 metres for up to 4 hours]. A simpler version , the DT952 without a display is also available.

    Other useful features include intelligent batteries that are designed to provide optimum performance and deliver 18.5 hours operating time on one charge.

    A simple end user programming app is included that allows you to update your DT953 radio with the latests software, or add features .

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    G15 Waterproof Licence Free Portable Radio

    SKU: G15

    The Midland G15 is a compact and rugged licence free radio which meets the stringent IP67 standard for waterproofing. It is submersible to 1 metre for up to 30 minutes. Simple to operate and equipped with useful features such as channel selection voice announcements the G15 is perfect for marine use for either the consumer or business user. Weighing in at only 192g the G15 will easily fit into a pocket and is available with a selection of useful accessories.

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    HT446 Series Portable Submersible Licence Free Radio

    SKU: HT446 Series

    The HT446 series showcases ultimate performance and customisation; designed for business users who require a reliable and rugged communications solution, suitable for a wide range of applications with submersible functionality.

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    HT700 Series Submersible Portable Radio

    SKU: HT700 Series

    The HT700 series boasts a model for all applications, providing simple to sophisticated communication systems, built without compromise in order to provide crisp and loud audio, implementing the most recent compander noise reduction technology.


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    HX446 Series Portable Compact Licence Free Radio

    SKU: HX446 Series

    The HX446 series showcases a compact design for users who require ultimate performance and customisation; boasting powerful audio than radios double its size and suitable for a wide range of applications.

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    IC-F29SR Waterproof Licence Free Portable Radio

    SKU: IC-F29SR

    The ICOM IC-F29SR is the newest licence free radio from ICOM. It retains the simplicity and build quality of the IC-F27SR but brings a host of new features, ideal for the business user. These include a tougher yet lightweight chassis and a waterproof rating to IP67 [I metre of water up to 30 mins]. In addition the IC-F29SR has a Call Ring function which can be used to call other radios via up to 10 user configurable ring tones. An Answer Back function tells you when your radio is within range.

    An extra long battery life of 21 hours makes the IC-F29SR an ideal business radio.

    Supplied with : Radio, Li-ion battery, belt clip and desktop charger.

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    IC-M94DE Buoyant Marine Portable Radio

    SKU: IC-M94DE

    A world first, the ICOM IC-M94DE is equipped with an integrated AIS receiver, along with DSC and GPS.

    The AIS feature provides users with receive information broadcast from other AIS equipped vessels. The vessel traffic details can be viewed on the large backlit display.

    The IC-M94DE replaces the IC-M91D and offers an elegant design with many easy to use features.

    Features include a powerful 6 Watts of transmit output for extended range. In addition it has a 2400mAh high capacity li-ion battery for up to 10 hours of talk time.

    It also has a clever navigation feature that lets you navigate to a pre set waypoint. Furthermore you can assign up to 50 favourite fishing spots or waypoints as destinations.

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    Lifeguard Pack

    SKU: BLLGP09

    We have created this package specifically for lifeguards. Instant and clear communications is vital in order to ensure swimmers are kept safe whatever the circumstances. The pack includes 4 Motorola TLKR T92 H20 submersible licence free radios along with all required accessories. Everything is safely stored in a useful and tough transit case. Save over £70.00 plus VAT when you purchase the Lifeguard Pack.

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    Off Road Pack

    SKU: BLORP07

    We have designed two Off Road Packs, one for the occasional off roader and the other for the professional off roader. We have designed these packs in conjunction with some experienced off road users and have taken their advice on the best products to create two cost effective, easy to use communications solutions. Both Off Road Packs offer rugged waterproof radios for use in all weathers and appropriate audio accessories that allow both the driver and the winch man to operate the radios hands free.

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    TX1000U Submersible Licence Free Radio

    SKU: TX1000U

    The TTi TX1000U is one of the smallest professional licence free radios that is also submersible – down to 1 metre for up to 30 minutes [IP67]. The TX1000U is also well equipped to minimize any cross channel interference as it features 8 channels, 73 CTCSS tones and a huge 208 DCS codes. With a backlit display and compatibility with Motorola CP040 2 pin accessories the TX1000U is a popular choice for leisure and business radio users.