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    Wave-Track Hospitality & Retail Transmitter

    SKU: WT4

    Ideal for use in restaurants and other hospitality locations, the Wave-Track is a wall mounted device with 4 individual call buttons that can be used to easily and quickly summon a waiter with a silent vibration alert. Used in conjunction with the Scope range of pagers Wave-Track can be used in small cafes, hotels and retail outlets and improves productivity as well as ensuring your customers receive a prompt level of service.

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    Wave-Track Panic Button Transmitter

    SKU: PB

    The Wave-Track panic button transmitter can be located covertly, under a table or desk. hen activated it transmits a repeating alarm signal until it is manually reset. This is normally achieved with a key. The button pulses periodically to show that it has been triggered. Multiple units can be located around a site, each with a unique identifier to receiving devices. Compatible with the Scope range of pagers, received alarms can be either tone or vibrate. The location of the panic button will be displayed on the pager. Powered by a PP3 battery the Wave-Track panic button transmitter has a range of up to 200 metres.