Zetron digital telephone connect

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    Zetron Model 30 Worldpatch With Digital Voice Delay

    SKU: 901-9417

    The Model 30 World Patch is a low cost open channel telephone interconnect designed for installation on a simplex radio. The Model 30 is an ideal way to add telephone interconnect to simplex radio systems for low power in-plant applications. The addition of digital voice delay improves the user experience and makes radio to telephone calls easier to make and receive.

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    Zetron Model 745 Systems Teleconnect Enhanced

    SKU: 901-9550

    The Model 745 Systems Teleconnect is Zetron’s most advanced telephone interconnect and system manager designed primarily for operation in Europe. The Model 745 allows radios fitted with 5-tone (ZVEI, CCIR, EEA, DZVEI) encode and decode to place and receive calls via the telephone network.

    Download the datasheet for full details on the Model 745 Systems Teleconnect.