IC-A220T Air Band Panel Mount Radio


The latest panel mount air band radio from ICOM, the IC-A220T boasts some great features. It is TSO and ETSO approved and it is backward compatible with the panel slot used by the IC-A200 series radios.

It has a high visibility OLED display with a white key backlight and it is designed to operate at 8.33Khz channel spacing.

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ICOM IC-A220T Panel Mount VHF Rdaio standard features:-

TSO/ETSO approved

High visibility OLED display

8.33KHx channel spacing

Easy to use channel selection function

Auto squelch function

12V/48V power source

Intercom function

GPS memory function

Dualwatch & priority watch function

Standard package inclsudes IC-A220T transceiver and mounting bracket kit



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Weight 4.000 kg

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