NXR-1700E/1800E DMR/NEXEDGE Repeater



Kenwood NXR-1700E/1800E Repeater Datasheet

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NXR-1700E/1800E DMR/NEXEDGE Repeater.  A multi protocol DMR or NEXEDGE repeater available in either VHF or UHF frequency bands. The NXR-1700E [VHF] and NXR-1800E [UHF] repeaters will also operate in analogue FM mode to allow users to easily migrate to a digital platform. Variable power outputs upto 50W and a light weight, compact 1U sized radio make the NXR1700E/1800E  the ideal replacement for the Kenwood TKR-D710/810 and NXR-710/810 repeaters.

Standard features include:-

  • 0/40 W – 1 W RF Output Power (Up to  50/40 W@50%, 25 W@100% Duty Cycle)
  • Light, Compact and Space-Efficient to Fit 2 Repeaters in a 1U Height, 19-inch Rack
  • Large 1.71-inch OLED with Icons and Numeric Displays
  • Thermal-Controlled Cooling Fan
  • External Power Supply
  • Up to 32 Channels
  • Selectable Digital Protocol: DMR Tier II / NXDN Conventional (programmable one at a time)
  • USB-A Connector for Audio Accessories
  • External In/Out Pin from DB25
  • Non-repeat Simplex / Semi-Duplex Mode  for Analog and NXDN Digital
  • Hot Standby System Redundancy
  • Built-in IP Network Adapter
  • Multicast Routing
  • SNMP Protocol for Direct Reporting to  a Generic System
  • Supports G.711 Audio Codec (for Test Console and Third-party Applications)
  • IP Remote Management (Monitor / Control / Programming / Test Console)
  • IPIF to External Applications  (for IP Console, OTAP)  / Voice Logging*3 for NXDN only
  • Built-in SIP IF without External Gateway (Digital Only)*1, *2
  • IP Remote Control Interface (IPRCI)
  • Enhanced Security (HTTPS)
  • CW ID
  • Hang Timer
  • Multi-Site Conventional IP Network up to  16 Sites (for both Digital and Analog)*2
  • Voting Repeater + Up to 15 Receivers (Analog / NXDN / DMR)*2, *3
  • IP Networking Compatible with NXR710/810 & TKR-D710/D810 Series Repeaters (Able to Swap/ Add-on as a part of existing digital conventional systems in the field)

Standard package includes base station, DC lead, fitting kit.

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Weight 6 kg
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